IRON FIRE Announce Lineup Changes; Split From Label

Monday, 19th August 2013

Danish power metallers IRON FIRE have issued an update in regards to the band lineup and record label situation. The following joint statement comes on behalf of vocalist Martin Steene, guitarist Kirk Backarach and bassist Martin Lund:

“A lot of stuff has happened since our last update. Before rumors spread about a possible disband of Iron Fire we want to make it clear to all that Iron Fire is alive and well.

Although we have parted ways with Fritz Wagner, who after 6 years of of hard work behind the drums, has decided to focus on other things in life then music. We thank Fritz for 6 great years and support his decision, and wish him only the best for the future. Once a metal brother, always a metal brother.

We have also parted ways with Napalm Records. It’s been a long coming break up, but we also thank Napalm for 8 years of co-work (and for the grey hair on Steenes head. 😉

We have been writing for a new album for the last two years, but it’s become clear to us that the material is not suited for Iron Fire. We have simply drifted too far away from what IF stands for and what our fans expect, in our endless surge to evolve the band and power metal. So with a drummer short and no deadline from a record company, we have chosen to step back for a while and recharge our batteries.

Steene is doing his first solo album, and a yet unannounced project/band feat several IF members is in the making. We will take a time out from making Iron Fire records for while, but we will return stronger then ever when the time is right and the mindset and music direction is back on track

With that said we are still ready to bring the IF metal to the people live, so stay tuned for possible future live shows, updates on new drummer and other IF related projects.

Until then, keep the fire burning.”

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