IN FLAMES Release Fan-Made Video For “Ropes”

Thursday, 30th May 2013

Swedish metallers IN FLAMES have posted the video for “Ropes,” a song from their 2011 release, Sounds of a Playground Fading.

The band started the project Making Of ‘Ropes’ at the beginning of 2013. The idea was to let fans, worldwide, contribute with video clips of anything related to In Flames, such as live footage, videos, tribute bands, guitar/vocal/bass/drum videos, or simply fans showing their love for In Flames. The project received massive response worldwide, since this is one of the few 100% fan made videos out there.

Says the band: “We do believe in crowd sourcing and giving our fans the same love and support that they show us on a daily basis. This is our way of taking the fans one step closer to us.”

For several months, In Flames have posted teasers and artwork on their social medias. The Jester’s Curse represents an all-new collaboration combining the musical power of In Flames and the visual language of comic books.

Conceived and Illustrated by Blake Armstrong and co-written by Scott Bramble, the series will chronicle the back-story of the band’s enigmatic mascot: The Jesterhead. Each book will follow the Jesterhead’s journey – exploring the truth behind where he came from and where his destiny will ultimately take him.

The first book, Lunar Strain: Part 1, produced and written by Space Boy Comics, will be released this summer. For more info and a free preview, visit this location.

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