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I AM HERESY Release Lyric Video For “Seven Wolves And The Daughters Of The Apocalypse”

Delaware/New Jersey sextet I AM HERESY have posted the lyric video for “Seven Wolves and the Daughters of the Apocalypse,” a song from their forthcoming Thy Will album. Thy Will will be released on March 4, 2014 (one day earlier internationally). The album was engineered and produced by John Ferrara at Portrait Studios, who also helmed I AM HERESY’s O Day Star, Son Of Dawn EP. The new effort was mastered by Kevin Mattesky at Phantom Center Media.

I AM HERESY singer Nathan Gray had this to say about “March Of The Black Earth”: “‘March Of Black Earth’, through symbolism and archetype, stands in defiance of the standard views of ‘good’ and ‘evil.’ It speaks of human exploration into a life without fear or reverence for imaginary deities, who are bent on suppressing our most natural desires. If those deities deem a lust for knowledge, freedom of our carnal self, and disobedience to be sinful, then let us become the best sinners we can be!”

He continued: “Each suffering character in the video represents self-sacrifice, killing what is left of our self-expression. The ominous beast in the plague mask represents each character’s individual oppression. Their freedom is personified by the archetype Belial, or Baal (‘without a master’) who represents an infernal innocence, freedom, and mockery of self-imposed slavery. Hear the call… Free yourself from the bondage of self-denial, and accept the gift of sin!”

After Nathan Gray (also of BOYSETSFIRE) ended THE CASTING OUT, the start of a new era was heralded when he teamed up with his son Simon Gray and a wild bunch of likeminded musicians to form I AM HERESY. They released a self-titled debut album that was followed by the O Day Star, Son Of Dawn EP shortly after in March of 2013. At about the same time, they did their first European tour as well as shows on the East Coast of the USA, including some with their new label mates of VATTNET VISKAR.

Says Gray about Thy Will: “A new ethos is born…Come ye daughters and sons of chaos and mystery! We intend to rebuild and create the archetypes of rebellion and revolution against self induced repression. Reveling in anthemic battle songs of lust, pride and indulgence in order to create a ritual purification from the stagnant impotence of servitude and self denial.”

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