NewsHELLSPEAK Featuring SHADOWS FALL Drummer: Debut EP Released

HELLSPEAK Featuring SHADOWS FALL Drummer: Debut EP Released

SHADOWS FALL drummer Jason Bittner, along with Marc Lopes (MELIAH RAGE, DARK DAY SUNDAY), bassist Chris Rapoza (MACHINES OF GRACE) and guitarist Matt Leff (MACHINES OF GRACE) have combined to form HELLSPEAK. The band’s debut EP The Slaughter Rule Of Agony is now available, and was produced by Paul David Hager (VAN HALEN, GOO GOO DOLLS, PINK) and mastered by Howie Weinberg (SLAYER, RUSH, PANTERA). According to a press release, “this foursome has concocted their own formula of infectious, fast, furious, dynamic and unforgiving metal.”

Lopes, Rapoza and Leff have a lengthy history, spanning back to their days in Boston’s TRIGGER EFFECT, which nailed a run of opening slots with IRON MAIDEN, QUEENSRŸCHE and HALFORD. Bittner came into the fold after working with Lopes in DARK DAY SUNDAY, which opened for DREAM THEATER on several dates.

The vocal chops delivered by Lopes are a true heavy metal Olympics, full of emotion packed vocal runs, memorable melodies and demonic screams. Leff, Rapoza and Bittner provide the perfect backdrop of scorching guitar leads, battering ram drums and thunderous bass. The passion, control, intensity and groove of this band are undeniably infectious.

The Slaughter Rule Of Agony track listing:

1. The Slaughter Rule Of Agony
2. Until The Light Takes Us
3. My Annihilation
4. Me, Myself And Demons
5. Killing Angels With Silence
6. Words From A Dying God

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