HELLOWEEN’S Andi Deris Completes Work On BAD BANKERS Debut

Tuesday, 10th September 2013

HELLOWEEN frontman Andi Deris recently revealed he was working on a brand new project, called ANDI DERIS & BAD BANKERS. The project has just finished the mixing and mastering of the new album as Deris posted the following update:

“YEAH, we just finished mixing and mastering….thumbs up!!!! We are so happy with the result we can´t wait you guys out there finally hear it, too;-)) Great, crispy sound…modern but not tooooo modern….the way it should be in my (Andi) humble ears;-))”

We all had and have a lot of fun with the image, even more during the photo session. Obviously we despise everything around banks, managers and bankers who are clearly responsible for the shit that goes on nowadays (and most certainly in our future), so it felt very good to vocally tell them what we think about them. Sure, therefore it¥s highly explicit, but, who gives a f… that¥s what they deserve, and it helps the music to really kick some ass.”

Visit the band’s Facebook page for more information.


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