NewsHELGARDH Sign With Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

HELGARDH Sign With Horror Pain Gore Death Productions

Horror Pain Gore Death Productions has signed West Virginia’s black/death metal demons HELGARDH and will release their album The Black Flame Descent on February 4th 2014 on CD and digital formats.

HELGARDH is comprised of the unique blend of ardent death metal and baleful black metal. Founded by guitarist and vocalist Famine in 2009, they have since been on a quest to disperse their somber and sickening message. Spewing words of the occult and witchcraft underneath technically written composition and rugged melodies, this band will become perpetual. The debut full length The Black Flame Descent is a slaying monster that’s spreads its putrid filth upon all, infesting the universe with plague and descending from the rocks where which HELGARDH came to disperse their epidemic. This indomitable beast will surely poison your mind!

The Black Flame Descent track listing:

1. Palace Of The Fading Light
2. The Trance Of Empyrean
3. Angeli Cruciatus (May Angels Come)
4. Exorcismus
5. Blessings From The Funeral Pyre
6. The Black Shrine Offering
7. Abomination
8. Ethereal Dawn
9. Crown Of Fire
10. nemA

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