HEART OF A COWARD To Release “Severance” In November

Friday, 9th August 2013

HEART OF A COWARD have announced the release of their second album, Severance, which is due via Century Media Records on November 4 in Europe and November 12 in North America.

Comments singer Jamie Graham: “Severance is undoubtedly heavier than our last record but has a lot more ‘traditional song structures’ in that we’re focusing on choruses and arrangements that are engaging, as opposed to riff after riff after riff.

The loose concept of the album revolves (typically) around the title, ‘Severance’… in a context of removing one’s self from whatever negative aspects are impeding on life and self-progression. There are some very personal moments on the record lyrically, but it’s very much an ‘outside looking in’ perspective on social leeches, elitism, internet culture, obsession with status; notably the ‘celebration of celebrity’ no matter how mundane their endeavors are.

The positive side touches more on being an unstoppable force in your own right when it comes to doing what makes you happy. To aspire, not to obsess. That real success is not measured by others and that you are your own master.”

Severance features artwork by Jon Barmby (ARCHITECTS, DEVIL SOLD HIS SOUL) and was recorded in Milton Keynes with producer Acle Kahney (TESSERACT) and with Justin Hill at Fortress Studios in London. The album was mixed in the US by Will Putney (THY ART IS MURDER, DEMORALISER, SUICIDE SILENCE).

Severence track listing:

1. Monstro
2. Prey
3. Distance
4. Nauseam
5. Deadweight
6. Eclipsed
7. Psychophant
8. Mirrors
9. Desensitise
10. Severance


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