HATCHET: Two New Songs Available For Streaming

Monday, 26th October 2015

San Francisco Bay Area thrashers HATCHET have posted two new songs, “Tearing Into Hell” and “Prophet Of Delusion” from their forthcoming new album, Fear Beyond Lunacy, which will be released on October 30 via The End Records. The follow-up to 2013’s “Dawn Of The End” marks the recording debut of the new HATCHET lineup behind founding member, vocalist and lead guitarist Julz Ramos: Clayton Cagle on guitar, Kody Barba on bass, and Ben Smith on drums.

The new members have injected the band with a surge of raw energy, and fans of HATCHET will be satisfied with this revived enthusiasm laid into the recordings. Ramos said: “The faster, thrashier tracks hit harder than ever before, while the melodic stuff is catchier and we’ve even experimented with some heavier, slower tempos.”

Commented Ramos: “‘Tearing Into Hell’ is a song for the evil of this world. “I have a strong fascination with serial killers… the type that build up a huge body count over their ‘career’ as a killer.

“It’s basically about someone who doesn’t just go to hell or wants to, but one who does so many heinous things that they make a grand entrance into hell. They essentially tear into hell and make it their domain…sounds like fun….

“‘Prophet Of Delusion’ refers to the world’s many leaders who feign their true intentions. This is a global epidemic and you never know who your are putting your faith in. I guess I was really inspired by the Jonestown massacre that occurred in the late 1970s. People believed this guy was a prophet of god, gave up their personal belongings and money to him and even some of the men and women gave themselves to him. All for what? To drink a poison that killed all 900 of them in the end. The lyrics that really point to this are the chorus: Prophet of Delusion, trust beyond your life! Deceiver of believers, your destinies are mine! Makes for excellent thrash subject matter.”

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