NewsHANG THE BASTARD: New Song Streaming

HANG THE BASTARD: New Song Streaming

UK loud metallers HANG THE BASTARD are streaming “The Majestic Gathering Of Goetia,” which featured on their new album, Sex In The Seventh Circle. The album was released on September 22nd via SOAR/Century Media in Europe and will be available on October 14th in North America.

Produced by Steve Sears at Titan Studios in London (Gallows, Spycatcher) and with jaw dropping conceptual art from Daniel P Carter, Sex In The Seventh Circle promises to be the band’s iron clad stamp on the worldwide heavy music scene. Dripping with acidic bile and fuzz fuelled venom, HANG THE BASTARD’s latest creation is a lesson in blunt force trauma but also has a dynamic, more subtle streak of melody throughout. The result is a sonic union of the heaviest doom, the most righteous metal, and an undoubtably old school vibe that is as much Sleep and Sabbath as it is Crowbar and COC.

Sex In The Seventh Circle track listing:

1. Keeping Vigil
2. Morrs Tempest
3. Hornfel
4. The Lesser Key
5. The Majestic Gathering Of Goetia
6. Mist Of Albion
7. Sex In The Seventh Circle
8. Snake Symbol
9. Absorption
10. Beyond The Pale
11. Sweet Mother

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