Frosthelm’s Jim Cherry: What I’m Listening To

Saturday, 7th March 2015

My introduction to extreme metal came via bands like Jungle Rot, Malevolent creation, Slayer, and of course Cannibal Corpse, but the band that hit me hardest, like like a ton of bricks to be more specific, was New York’s Immolation. My introduction to these guys was the album Here in After. The title track is filthy and disgustingly beautiful. The dissonance that spews forth via Robert Vigna’s guitar work is brilliantly haunting, and absolutely devastating to my musical perceptions at the time. The drums were like nothing else I had ever heard at the time as well. When I envision the term drum riffing, this band is what immediately comes to mind, and the vocals and lyrics? Fucking kill me now and send me straight to hell. The song churns and engulfs you, like the lyrics state “into a sea of writhing flesh.” Listening to this entire album today brings back that nostalgic feeling of when I first got into extreme music. It makes you feel something terrifying and yet leaves you satisfied at the same time. This album is definitely in my top 10 list. If you haven’t heard it I suggest you go pick it up.

Coffinworm from Cleveland is another band I have recently found myself listening to repeatedly on a regular basis..The first word that comes to mind when listening to these guys is Deprivation…Their brand of grind infused doom is unrelenting and leaves me feeling like I need to take a shower to wash the blood and filth from my body after having heard it. Grade A Doom fucking grind right here folks!!

Bay area hardcore Punk band Punch’s most recent effort, They Don’t Have to Believe is another record I find myself pushing the play button on frequently as well…These guys are a complete thrill to listen to, extreme, angst ridden, power-violence, hardcore fuck you in the face with a knife type shit right here…brings me back to playing basement shows with wild ass punk bands, boozing till you see double of everyone out in the crowd, then black out before the set is over. This is a band I think even the most metal minded elitist could latch onto, if for nothing but their seething extremity. This is a band I can definetely get down and party to.

Of course I couldn’t end this segment without mentioning one of my newest and most favorite discoveries, Ketzer from Germany…Pure German Thrash ala Nifelheim, and others all born of the same filthy and unholy cloth. Endzeit Metropolis their most recent effort, and Satans Boundaries Unchained are phenomenal works in my opinion…nothing too fancy here, just pure blasphemous riffagery here. Do Satan a huge favor, and get behind these Deutsche ghouls…I have a feeling their next effort may hasten the apocalypse.

Frosthelm’s debut full-length, The Endless Winter, will be released on March 25th through Black Work (Alkemy Brothers). Check out our review HERE.

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