Ex-OBITUARY Guitarist Calls 911, Gets Busted For Meth Lab

Wednesday, 8th May 2013

Although this went unreported for several weeks, reports have surfaced that ex-OBITUARY guitarist, Allen West was arrested for  “Drugs-Produce Methamphetamine” and “Drugs-Possess Listed Chemical With Manufacture Controlled Substance” back in the tail end of March. The Floridian guitarist last performed with OBITUARY in 2006, spending nearly twenty years with the death metallers and has also played in SIX FEET UNDER and MASSACRE.

On the evening of March 25,  authorities in Sumter County Deputies responded to a 911 call received from West. Upon arriving at his property, Deputies met with Allen West in a wooded area next to the residence.  The ex-OBITUARY guitarist stated that two male subjects forcibly entered his house by kicking in the front door, forcing West to flee out the rear exit of the home and hide in the woods.

Strangely enough at the request of West, the Deputies’ searched his residence for possible subjects. During the search, Deputies observed a strong acidic odor emitting from the master bedroom. Deputies then discovered in the master bedroom and bathroom plastic soda bottles with tubing protruding from them. The bottles also had a wet white pasty substance in the bottles and on the bathroom and bedroom counters. As one of the Deputies began to question West,  another Deputy discovered some of the above items had been removed and placed in an cooler.

West advised the Deputies that he hid the items in the cooler to avoid getting in trouble. He advised the items were not his stating, “They were cooking it” without giving any other details. Allen West did reportedly confess that he had manufactured and smoked methamphetamine in his home as recently as two weeks prior to the break-in.

The Special Investigations Squad responded, executing a search warrant and have dismantled the lab. Detectives discovered ammonium nitrate, sodium hydroxide (“Drano”), a corrosive acid, lithium strips and other items commonly used to produce methamphetamine and West was subsequently held on a $40,000 bond.

Allen West is currently incarcerated at the Sumter County Jail in Bushnell, FL.



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