EVOCATION Announce Lineup Changes

Monday, 9th December 2013

Swedish death metal outfit EVOCATION have posted the following update announcing the departure of drummer Janne K. Bodén and guitarist Vesa Kenttäkumpu.

“We have some sad and glad news to announce from EVOCATION. We’ll start with the sad news; since some months ago we received word from Janne and Vesa that they would no longer be a part of the band after 2013. There is no big drama behind the departure of the two brothers, it’s just that they no longer have the energy or motivation to continue and also they have different priorities in their lives nowadays. You can read their comments about leaving EVOCATION below. We all feel sad but we respect their decision and want to wish them good luck with their future endeavours. Also we want to thank them for all their contributions and being a part of the band ever since the beginning in 1991. Thank you and good luck Janne & Vesa!

OK, now to the glad news… we have already recruited a new guitar player who will step in after Vesa. The new guitar player and Marko have already started working on the fifth EVOCATION full length album. At the moment almost half of the new album is already written. We will let you know more details of the writing process in the months to follow and the identity of the new EVOCATION guitar player will be revealed within the next days so stay tuned…

Also we would like to take the opportunity and announce the search for a new drummer to EVOCATION. All interested drummers please send an e-mail before December 27th to: marko@evocation.se with some lines about yourself, photo and links to videos with yourself playing.

Please read the comments below from Janne and Vesa concerning their departure from EVOCATION.”

“Hey you all… It breaks my heart to tell you that after a long time of struggle with myself trying to make the band and my family work side by side, I have to let you guyz know that my hammering behind the drums in EVOCATION will come to an end. My priorities in life has changed and I realize that life moves pretty fast and if you don’t stop and just look around and catch the moment, soon there will not be any moments left to enjoy. To all my friends, fans and band colleagues all over Europe and USA, who I have had the pleasure to get to know, and all the fucking great moments we shared and all the awesome party´s we had, I don´t mention any names because the list would be endless, but you who know me, knows who I mean. Hopefully I’m gonna see some of you somewhere sometime… Thank you!!!” – Janne K Bodén

“I have thought for a long time now and it receives to say I will not continue with EVOCATION anymore. The motivation is not there and to succeed as a musician you have to spend an enormous amount of time and energy and there is no room for that in my living situation. I’ve had the best time with EVOCATION and I’ve gotten to experience everything I ever dreamed of. I hope the very best for all the guys in the band and keep up the spirit in the future. I’m going to miss you!” – Vesa

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