DORNENREICH To Release “Freiheit,” Then Go On Hiatus

Monday, 3rd February 2014

DORNENREICH’s upcoming eighth studio album, Freiheit (english: “Freedom”) will be the band’s last album for quite some time. Mastermind Eviga comments on this issue in detail:

“Dearest friends and companions, We are approaching the finishing touches on the visual side of Freiheit (Freedom), DORNENREICH’s eighth studio album which will be entrusted to you this spring – in the 18th year of our band history. Soon we will present first samples!

As the cover art suggests, Freiheit is an album of thresholds, of transitions, of transformations; an album that makes a bold move towards the whole range of human emotion, thought, and being. This album is dedicated to the depth, diversity, and elemental beauty of being.

In my own personal view, Freiheit is an album of a great, encompassing power that unfolds itself as a whole and that makes me grateful and free as an artist and as a human being. Many things come full circle on this very album. At the same time, Freiheit feels like a parting right now.

And as much as I feel that we will never stop to create artistically, and as much as it may be possible that this album will be seen as just a departure from a certain artistic evaluation or orientation, there are a lot of indications at this moment that Freiheit is going to be DORNENREICH’s last studio album for quite some time.

DORNENREICH, as I have stressed time and again, is obliged to life. And I am convinced that our expression, in its musical and lyrical essence, is timeless and develops its emotional urgency especially within a live context – thus, we will return to the stages for very special performances in the next years.

So this is by no means an absolute farewell. It is merely the end of a long journey, a homecoming, a discovery – that one day may be the starting point of another journey, another transformation… life will tell.

And now join us in anticipation of this year, of this eighth DORNENREICH album which is so valuable to us, and of the spring tour when we all shall meet again! With gratitude, love, and respect – Eviga.”


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