Dogbane’s Mitch Allred: What I’m Listening To

Tuesday, 22nd October 2013

I’ve always loved the sound of two guitars in harmony. That shit grabs my attention and makes my hair stand on end. Dual guitar bands are my favorite, and if you agree, you must check out Corsair. The exchange between guitarists Paul Sebring and Marie Landragin is seamless and a thing of beauty. However, Corsair’s strength is not solely based on their guitars. It’s the band’s ability to write really good songs that makes them stand out. Our band’s label owner (Jerry Golden owner of Heaven & Hell Records) turned me onto them, and our drummer Jerry recently caught one of their shows. I was told Corsair tore the place down. The band has three releases, so I started with the first one, Alpha Centauri. Perhaps you should start there too. Work your way through the others, you will be glad you did.

trouble2013It’s no secret that the band Trouble is a big influence on my band Dogbane. Their 1990 self-titled album comfortably resides in my top 10 of all time. But after a 12 year hiatus and 2007’s Simple Mind Condition, I think a lot of us fans were asking ourselves what was next. Well, the answer is Kyle Thomas. I’ve seen Kyle perform with Trouble before at the first S.H.O.D (Stoner Hands of Doom) festival in Baltimore, MD. I had high expectations for this album, and I must say they have been met. Sonically, the band is back. You do not need any vocals to know this is a Trouble album, as Bruce Franklin and Rick Wartell are instantly recognizable. While it is true at times while listening to this album, I could almost hear Eric Wagner singing the songs (this is especially true while being dragged through a dirge), Kyle Thomas does deliver a masterful performance and holds his own in every sense. This album works, and I think it kicks ass.

pictureband2013The last band I’d like to mention has something to do with a show my band will be performing at next year. As some of you may know the Ragnarokkr Metal Apocalypse is next April (4th and 5th at Reggies in Chicago, to be exact). I am excited to tell everyone that Dogbane and our labelmates Witches Mark will be on the bill. Ragnarokkr 2014 will feature acts such as Grim Reaper, Hallow’s Eve, and Picture. I am already familiar with Grim Reaper and Hallow’s Eve, as I listened to them both in my formative years; but Picture was a band I just didn’t know. Being a metal head, and the fact that we will be playing the same show as them, I had to find out more about the band. The truth is, I’m still very new to Picture and what I do know about them is limited to their website and You Tube videos. What I can tell you is that their band was formed in 1979 and they’re considered to be the “first Dutch metal band.” Picture supported AC/DC, Ted Nugent, and Saxon in the Netherlands and headlined tours in Italy and Israel. The band also has 10 studio albums to its credit. Picture came along during the NWOBHM era and I can definitely hear that influence. Picture is the kind of metal I grew up on, how I missed them all these years I have no idea. For a quick fix check out Picture’s website at

Dogbane’s Residual Alcatraz was released in 2011 by Heaven and Hell Records. More information on the band can be found at this location.

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