DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT Drummer Provides Studio Update

Sunday, 4th May 2014

DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT drummer Ryan Van Poederooyen has checked in with the following update:

“Was in the studio from 10:30am until 12:30am yesterday. Didn’t start tracking anything until 10:30pm at night due to studio gremlins. Everything from cables to mics to the board was having problems. Not exactly a fun way to start recording the most intense recording session, in which you have three days to do. Ugh. Remained positive. Tried to sleep (didn’t). Starting fresh today on 4.5 hours sleep. Two albums in two days. Fuck yes, I’ll do this. Just you watch me… bitch! (with Jesse Pinkman voice). Through it all, I’m still grateful for my career and my interesting life.”

Townsend recently offered some more information on the crowd funding campaign for his new project, CASUALTIES OF COOL, which was due to run for three months, surpassed its goal in under 12 hours, and continues to earn money. Townsend has stated previously that the additional funds will be dedicated to his next Ziltoid record, Z2:

Townsend: “It’ll go into funding all sorts of Ziltoid stuff (video, comic book, movie?, ZTV, Z Radio, etc) making it a lot bigger than any money we’d get from the record label can do. The Ziltoid album is part of the record deal with Centry Media so we can’t do crowd funding specifically for it, at least not one that includes any music formats.”

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