DEGRADEAD Post “For Better Or Worse” Video

Friday, 28th June 2013

Stockholm upstart melodic death metal act DEGRADEAD has posted the video “For Better Or Worse,” which comes off the band’s fourth album, The Monster Within which will be released on August 23 via Metalville. The video can be viewed below.

The album was recorded between January 14 and February 2 at Panic Room studios in Skara with producer Thomas “Plec” Johansson and marks the group’s first release with new drummer Amit Mohla. According to the band, “This album ended up being the best DEGRADEAD album so far! More dynamic, more melodic, more thrashy, more of everything!”

Commented Johansson: “It has been great going back to the roots even on this one. No drum triggers or sample replacements used whatsoever, which is otherwise so commonplace in today’s metal productions. We did it the hard way, with getting the right sounds from the start and having Amit actually playing the parts until we got the takes we needed, tuning the drums in between takes, switching snares for different songs etc… No plugins were used in the process either other than for very surgical tasks and special FX. All other processing are real chambers, hardware reverbs, delays, compression and EQ. Five times more work, but five times more fun and inspiring plus it’s five times more fun to listen to.”

DEGRADEAD’s singer, Mikael Sehlin, recently joined fellow Swedes ENGEL as their new frontman.

Regarding what impact Sehlin’s addition to ENGEL will have on his status in DEGRADEAD, DEGRADEAD said: “Mikael is still our vocalist and he is still 100% dedicated to DEGRADEAD and this will not affect DEGRADEAD.”

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