Dead Week in Review: September 29 – October 5, 2013

Saturday, 5th October 2013

Lots of happenings this week, with Down undergoing a lineup change, Machine Head inking a new deal, and Metallica setting a new record for concert film attendance. The news cycle tends to kick into overdrive this time of year, then gradually tail off once December rolls around. Therefore, we’ll do our best to keep tabs on not only the news, but the surplus of releases that come down the pike. That’s the nice thing about metal: Always something happening… – David E. Gehlke

General housekeeping

We are running a fantastic CD/vinyl giveaway for Annihilator’s new Feast album. Click here for your chance to win!

Concert reviews galore: We caught Katatonia, Helloween, and Vicious Rumors in action.

Looking for short reviews? Then check out the September 2013 installment of Rapid Fires.

Get to know New Hampshire post-black metal outfit Vattnet Viskar.

Death Angel frontman Mark Osegueda spoke to DR about the band’s new album, The Dream Calls for Blood, as well as their 2001 reunion.

Soufly’s Max Cavalera chatted it up with our own Josh Overbey. It was such a good chat, we had to split it into two parts here and here.

U.K. post-rock champs Anathema get all dramatic on their Universal DVD.

Some holdovers from God Dethroned emerge in Kill Division. The band’s Destructive Force debut is a killer.

Need more 70’s retro rock? Horisont has what you need with Time Warriors.

Dream Theater’s new self-titled album struck a chord with Matthew Bowling.

Members of Shadows Fall and Killswitch Engage do the ‘ole thrash/crossover thing with Death Ray Vision.

French/Canadian black metal is starting to pick up speed. Gris is helping lead the way.

Formerly a Black Sabbath cover band, Iron Man gets down in Sabbath-like fashion with South of the Earth.

Currently trekking across North America with Katatonia, Cult of Luna’s Vertikal II takes post-metal in new directions.

Philly’s Rosetta turn in what could be their career-defining album with The Anaesthete.

Swedish death metal bruisers Bodyfarm make strides on The Coming Scourge.

The news in ten
1. Suicide Silence reveal the identity of their new lead singer.
2. Queensryche (the good version) to release mini-movie.
3. A mini Dark Angel reunion took place in Hollywood.
4. Suicide Silence wants you to guess the identify of their new singer.
5. Machine Head signs with Nuclear Blast Entertainment.
6. Broken Hope streams entire new Omen of Disease album.
7. Kirk Windstein leaves Down to focus solely on Crowbar.
8. Deicide streams the title track to their new album.
9. Metallica’s Through the Never movie breaks IMax attendance records.
10. Palms release the video for “Future Warrior.”

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