Dead Week in Review October 26 – November 1, 2014

Saturday, 1st November 2014

Slipknot topped the charts this week. Not the metal charts – the whole she-bang charts. It’s a remarkable feat for a band who hasn’t released an album in six years, lost a crucial member, and has to deal with the unfortunate situation of being associated with Stone Sour. Stating the obvious, the band will never properly be covered on these pages, the result of their far-too-obvious nu metal sound, not to mention the relentless coverage given to them in higher-profile portals/magazines. But look it at this way: They could be a gateway band for some 12 year-old who is in his/her  initial extreme music phase. And once said juvenile comes to the realization of how many better bands there are than Slipknot, then the Iowans purpose is served. – David E. Gehlke

General housekeeping
Kyle McGinn was able to catch Arch Enemy on their first North American tour with new vocalist Alissa White-Gluz and came away properly impressed.

Old(e)-time British thrashers Onslaught had to snag former Anthrax singer Neil Turbin in order to make their North American tour happen. Good thing Matt Coe was there to witness the event.

Ever the busy gal, the vivacious Liv Kristine spoke to DR about her new solo venture, Vervian, Leaves’ Eyes, and plenty more.

A band you should know is Boston symphonic epic power metallers Seven Spires.

Obituary has returned with their first studio album in five years. Master simpleton riff man Trevor Peres gave us the scoop.

Beyond Creation takes technical Canadian death metal to new levels on Earthborn Evolution.

Generation of Vipers have no problem sludging it up on Coffin Wisdom.

A new signing to Metal Blade, Germany’s Cripper push female-fronted thrash to the brink on Hyena. 

On the heels of last year’s fantastic self-titled album, Swedish doomsters Avatarium hit us with the All I Want EP.

Not quite Angra, and not quite Almah, Nocturnall is the sum of its Brazilian metal parts on its self-titled debut.

You should be hearing plenty from more from Nero di Marte, who put on quite the atmospheric metal display with Derivae.

While Heaven Wept keep it suitably dramatic and epic on Suspended at Aphelion.

Witch Mountain bid vocalist Uta Ptotkin farewell on the excellent Mobile of Angels.

The news in ten
1. Aborted post “Cenobites” video. 
2. Dan Swano’s Witherscape to release EP in December. 
3. Napalm Death to release new album in January.
4. Metallica gets a full week on The Craig Ferguson Show.
5. Kerry King sure likes snakes.
6. Machine Head releases audio samples from new album.
7. Phil Anselmo cohort Corey Mitchell passes away.
8. Helloween commences recording of new album.
9. Exodus releases “Blood In Blood Out” video.
10. Slayer to release a new song soon, apparently.

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