Dead Week in Review: June 9 – June 15, 2013

Saturday, 15th June 2013

In part because we post quite a bit of content over the span of a given week, we felt it was a prudent idea to wrap up the week with a breakdown of what we posted, along with the ten most-happening news stories of the last seven days. As the site continues to develop its voice and more content spews from our snack-infested keyboards, these weekly wraps will hopefully be a nice cap to the week and give us a moment to catch our breaths. The world of metal…it never sleeps. -David E. Gehlke

General housekeeping
Enter our Holy Grail giveaway to win a free tickets to a show and a signed copy of their Ride the Void CD.

Vote in our Megadeth poll to determine which is their best post-reformation album. (Those who vote for Super Collider will be forced to listen to Risk on repeat.)

Matt Coe caught up with the hyper-active Jasun Tipton of Cynthesis and Abnormal Thought Patterns.

We learned that Aborym mainman Malfeitor Fabban thinks everyone is dirty…and that “ladies of the night” have dirty underwear too. Gross!

DR’s Matthew Bowling and the editor formed a three-headed opinion monster with Job For a Cowboy drummer Jon Rice to dissect The Devil’s Blood discography. Get down with “Cruel Lover” if you want to hear some diabolical disco.

Katatonia’s Jonas Renkse teams up with Pineapple Thief mainman Bruce Soord for the Wisdom of Crowds album…and DR’s editor swoons out of his camo shorts.

Scott Olivenbaum caught Killswitch Engage in New York City and bemused the sight of EMO-core bands.

Austrian power metallers Edenbridge earn high marks for their fresh take on female-fronted symphonic metal with The Bonding.

My Dying Bride are up to their old tricks with the four-song Manuscript EP. And once again, Aaron Stainthorpe sounds like he was lucky to get out of bed in the morning.

The Mountain King himself, Jon Oliva hits the ground with his first solo release, Raise the Curtain.

Vintage rock gets its time in the sun with Orchid’s The Mouths of Madness and Scorpion Child’s self-titled album.

Tesseract says “later” to djent on their fantastic Altered States album.

Priest releases their 780th DVD in the form of Epitaph. Halford calls it another “great metal moment.” It is.

The ghost of Type of Negative is resurrected via A Pale Horsed Named Death. ‘Ole Peter Steele would be proud.

The news in ten
1. Sepultura continue with the rash of studio updates for their new album.

2. Black Sabbath release the video for “God is Dead?” Band is nowhere to be found in visuals.

3. Amon Amarth post the third part of their studio documentary. Someone get Johan Hegg some beard trimmers!

4. Our man Dio gets his own limited run of Holy Diver guitars.

5. Amorphis post the video for “The Wanderer.” Tomi Joutsen’s dreads have become a Finnish landmark in the process.

6. Swedish black metal champs Watain release details for The Wild Hunt.

7. GWAR hooks up with Hatebreed for a run of U.S. dates.

8. Kreator release details for their Dying Alive DVD. Anyone who says “People of the Lie” isn’t the band’s best song is fooling themselves.

9. Pantera to get their own “unauthorized biography.” Let the mud-slinging begin! (Again!)

10. Industrial metal giants Godflesh to make return to U.S. with fall tour dates.


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