Dead Week in Review July 13 – 18, 2014

Saturday, 19th July 2014

Strange to see a band like Mastodon being attacked by hackers earlier this past week. The idea that a heavy metal band is high enough profile (outside of the usual subjects anyways) that a hacking cooperative would think that it would make some noise by messing with their fanbase just seems odd. Perhaps they were upset about that Thanksgiving shirt that they put out a while back? Nonetheless, it’s a solid reminder that as much as we’d like to go back to the analog age with the resurgence of vinyl, we are firmly in the midst of the Internet age. – Kyle McGinn

Looking for some new bands to check out? Our July edition of Sifting Through Bandcamp should do the trick.

Get to know Apocalyptic metallers Tragic Death.

While you’re at it, get to know Germany’s Decembre Noir.

The Overkill wrecking crew continues to thrash away on their latest, White Devil Armory.

A re-issue worth revisiting, Virgin Steele’s The Marriage of Heaven and Hell Part I and II.

Finntroll provide an entertaining live album with Natten Med De Levande Finntroll.

Humut Tabal’s The Dark Emperor Ov The Shadow Realm delivers solid black metal, complete with killer Playstation-esque artwork.

Panopticon are back with more of their “true-blue American take on folk-rooted black metal” with Roads to the North.

Martyrdod bring some d-beat intensity to Elddop.

Grab your eye-patch and get ready for Alestorm’s Sunset on the Golden Age.

Matthew Bowling states that Wolvhammer’s Clawing Into Black Sun is, “fitting documentary to the slow-decline of the world we know.”

The news in ten
1. Iced Earth’s Jon Shaffer Undergoes Successful Back Surgery.
2. Metallica Star In A New This Is SportsCenter Ad For ESPN.
3. Robert Trujillio To Join Kirk Von Hammett’s FearFest Evil After Party.
4. Redeemer Of Souls Becomes Judas Priest’s First Ever Album To Land In The Top Ten Of The Billboard Charts.
5. Armageddon Releases Thanatron Lyric Video.
6. Starkill To Release Virus Of The Mind Album In October.
7. Decapitated Reveal Track Listing For Upcoming Blood Mantra.
8. Hannes Grossmann And Christian Muenzer Launch Alkaloid.
9. Tim Lambesis Denied Jail Time Reduction.
10. Ex-Pestilence Mainman Gives New Band A New Name.

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