Dead Week in Review August 9 – 15, 2014

Saturday, 16th August 2014

So the new At the Gates album is complete. Hard to imagine any metal fan not at least curious as to the result of what the band has done, given that Slaughter of the Soul was their swansong. It will be interesting to compare expectations, especially to last year’s major Carcass comeback. They only had to return from Swansong, arguably not their finest hour. At the Gates return with the follow-up to one of metal’s most influential recordings. How will it be received? Well, we will see soon! – Kyle McGinn

General Housekeeping
Our latest giveaway allows you to win 2 cds, instead of just one. Courtesy of Unspeakable Axe Records.

Methedras Daniele Gotti shares what he’s listening to.

Bridget Erickson sat down with Christos Antoniou during Septicflesh’s last US tour for a lengthy chat, with video!

We get all of the details of Inanimate Existence’s writing on their conceptual A Never-Ending Cycle of Atonement.

Paul and Shane of Hate Division discuss their new album and some geographic details of Nova Scotia.

The Haunted’s Marco Aro talks Exit Wounds, his return to the band, and more.

Bridget Erickson says that Belphegor’s Conjuring the Dead “is like the plague: contagious and deadly.”

Oubliette drops an under-rated gem with Apparitions.

Dictated write some gnarly death metal riffs on The Deceived.

According to Daniel Keating, Empyrium’s The Turn of the Tides is “a slow burner and an absolute grower.”

Like metal and video games? Machinae Supremacy’s Phantom Shadow is right up your alley.

Krieg’s Transient revels in despair and anguish.

Black metal with a hammered dulcimer, Botanist’s Flora is his strongest yet.

Xerath show some growth with III.

Fans of any type of crust would do well to check out Bastard Feast’s Osculum Infame.

The news in ten
1. Maria “Tristessa” Kolokouri of Astarte passes away.
2. Inquisition announces US tour dates.
3. Black Crown Initiate reveal The Wreckage of Stars album details; “The Great Mistake” now streaming.
4. Carcass announces US tour with Obituary, Macabre.
5. Opeth and In Flames team up for co-headlining North American tour.
6. Machine Head reveal new album details.
7. Revocation reveal Deathless album details; title track available for streaming.
8. At the Gates wraps up work on new album.
9. Sanctuary releases cover art and track listing for The Year the Sun Died.
10. Katatonia to release Last Fair Day Gone Night 4cd/dvd set next month.

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