Dead Week In Review: August 4 – August 10, 2013

Saturday, 10th August 2013

Sales reports have Five Finger Death Punch moving 112,000 units of their new album, The Wrong Side Of Heaven And The Righteous Side Of Hell Volume 1. Now that the band are the certified whipping boys for the “true” metal underground, it’s worth noting that their sales figures dwarfed that of Megadeth’s Super Collider, and Queensyrche’s new self-titled effort, two bands with long-standing fanbases that are used to buying physical product.

It’s obvious FFDP have successfully been able to tap into the meathead/tough guy/Affliction crowd, stolen some leftovers from Pantera’s unfortunate demise and have sprinted all the way to the bank. We won’t discuss the merits of their music (or lack thereof), but, what are we missing, and how do these things happen? A story for another day, perhaps… – David E. Gehlke

General housekeeping
One week remains in our giveaway for Averse Concept. Check it out here and enter.

Sofia Kranstz shot Baroness in Brooklyn, and Animals as Leaders in Philadelphia.

Four ex-members of Sabaton joined forces in Civil War, and we caught up with guitarist Richard Sunden.

Toronto party thrashers have posted their seventh(!) tour diary.

In lieu of their Kickstarter campaign, Floridian death metal legends caught up with DR to discuss said campaign, and much more.

Boston tech thrash crew Revocation waxed on their excellent new self-titled album prior to their run on Summer Slaughter.

Matt Coe caught up with Seven Witches mainman Jack Frost.

Brazilian power metallers Hibria continue their gradual ascent with Silent Revenge.

The majestic Sombres Fortes make a major impression with La Murt du Soleil.

Danish death thrashers Panzerchrist engage in sonic warfare with The 7th Offensive.

Long-running Bay Area death/gore masters Exhumed strike paydirt with their sixth album, Necrocracy.

Northless create a maelstrom of doom, sludge, and post metal on World Keeps Sinking.

Death Mechanism create a familiar, but hearty thrash display with Twenty-First Century.

It’s a power metal potpourri on Twins Crew’s The Northern Crusade.

Jason Newsted re-enters the metal fray with Heavy Metal Music.

Ukraine’s Munruthel nearly score a perfect ten with CREEDamage.

Mike “Gunface” Mackenzie releases his solo album, Stomach Earth.

The news in ten
1. Death Angel announces a fall North American tour.
2. Inter Arma makes plans to hit studio less than a year after the release of Sky Burial.
3. Unisonic back to work, this time on album #2
4. Iced Earth wraps recording for their new album, Plagues of Babylon.
5. Satyricon inks licensing deal with Nuclear Blast Entertainment for the release of their self-titled album.
6. Behemoth pushes their new album, The Satanist, back to 2014.
7. Obituary hits Kickstarter goal in a span of less than a day.
8. Wacken 2014 is already sold-out.
9. Emperor to play Wacken 2014, but don’t hold your breath for a new album or world tour.
10. In Flames get to work on their new album.

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