NewsDead Week in Review August 30 - September 5, 2014

Dead Week in Review August 30 – September 5, 2014

Isn’t it strange nowadays that when a band decides to throw in the towel, as constantly line-up troubled Chimaira did this week, we look towards the inevitable “reunion” possibility? It does appear to be the latest thing to do; take a few years off, recharge the batteries, and be welcomed with a full embrace of “yay, welcome back.” Will we reach the point where bands make a calculated disbanding to get an album surge a few years later? A bit cynical perhaps, but it doesn’t really feel too far outside of the realm of possibilities. – Kyle McGinn

General Housekeeping
Last call for our Ion Vein giveaway!

Winterfylleth’s The Divination of Antiquity is our August album of the month.

Concert review of Arsis’ Decade of Guilt tour, also featuring Allegaeon and Exmortus.

15 short album reviews round out our August edition of Rapid Fires.

Bridget Erickson goes on a black metal adventure following the Nightside Over USA tour.

We get the lowdown on The Chant’s atmospheric rock/metal.

Dan Cleary of Striker checks in with Matt Coe to discuss their new album.

A Sound of Thunder provide some quality American power/heavy metal on The Lesser Key of Solomon.

Bloodtruth’s debut, Obedience, provides a solid yet familiar sound.

Alraune deliver a “colossal” debut with The Process of Self-Immolation.

Consistent quality streams from Cannibal Corpse’s A Skeletal Domain.

Looking for a band with “a boatload of old school metal energy?” Check out Hessian’s Bachelor of Black Arts.

Disappointment rears its head throughout In Flames’ latest, Siren Charms.

Venereal Dawn might be Dark Fortress’ best album yet.

Solstafir’s Otta is a “A stellar release to kick off the death of summer.”

The news in ten
1. Devin Townsend: Z2 to see light of day in October.
2. The Haunted: new album Exit Wounds streaming in full.
3. Ghost Brigade reveal new album details.
4. Opeth’s Pale Communion cracks top 20 in US.
5. Exodus announces special guests for new album.
6. At the Gates releases video teaser for new album.
7. Chimaira hangs it up.
8. Centinex reveals comeback album details.
9. Album pre-order debacle, Nachtmystium-style.
10. Threshold release lyric video for “Turned to Dust.”

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