Dead Week in Review: August 18 – August 24, 2013

Saturday, 24th August 2013

Black metal hasn’t had a breakout band since Dimmu Borgir, a feat that took place roughly ten years ago when Death Cult Armageddon hit. Since then, the style has seen its top-tier bands break-up and reform (Emperor, Immortal), go into seclusion (Mayhem), engage in legal squabbles (Gorgoroth), or go over everyone’s head by being more rock than BM (Satyricon). This left the door wide open for Sweden’s Watain, who are enjoying the fruits of their decade-long labor with The Wild Hunt. Musically, there’s nothing new to Watain’s approach other than the shockingly good ballad “They Rode On,” but it’s the band’s presentation, outlook, and live performances that have people taking notice. The result: Watain is presently the most talked-about black metal band going, and since they’ve yet to resort to anything close to sideshow antics, one has to think it will stay this way for a while… – David E. Gehlke

General housekeeping
To win a batch of killer death metal albums from Deathgasm Records, click right here.

We streamed “Burned by Senses,” a song from Norwegian progressive metallers Withem at this location.

Matt Coe launched the first of what should be many Land of the Lost columns. First up: 1989.

Canadian thrashers Fatality posted their ninth tour diary. Hopefully they never run out of things to write; stuff is quite entertaining.

Mexican doom/death lords Majestic Downfall talked to DR about their new album Three, and the prospects of putting a full band together.

Hot-shot Swedish black metallers Watain checked in to talk about their fresh The Wild Hunt platter, as well as train-hopping.

Former Iced Earth singer Matt Barlow and ex-Nevermore drummer Van Williams make their return in the excellent Ashes of Ares.

Chicago modern death metal crew Born of Osiris fail to make separation on their dutiful, but safe third album, Tomorrow We Die Alive.

Caladan Brood scores a rare 10/10 review from Daniel Keating for their Echoes of Battle album.

German alternative Goth metal gang End of Green make quite the impression with their first global release, The Painstream.

Poppy melodic death metal is in the house on Deadlock’s new album, The Arsonist.

Stoner rock upstarts Black Cowgirl cast aside their silly name for a solid self-titled outing.

Singapore extreme metal titans Impiety pad their catalog with the scathing The Impious Crusade EP.

The above-mentioned Watain reach for the next level with The Wild Hunt…and should have no problem in getting there.

Italian cinematic death metallers Fleshgod Apocalypse are firing on all cylinders with their new Labyrinth effort.

Long-running Italian horror metal outfit Death SS do their thing with Resurrected, their first album in seven years.

The news in ten
1. Metallica rumored to play “Enter Sandman” at a New York Yankees game.
2. Metal Church reveal the track listing for Generation Nothing.
3. Gojira gets the hand-fart treatment. (Quite impressive, actually)
4. Dark Tranquillity teams up with perennial DR favorites Omnium Gatherum for a winter 2014 North American tour.
5. Carcass post the first track-by-track breakdown of their fantastic new Surgical Steel album.
6. Periphery announce some North American headlining dates.
7. Fates Warning are on the comeback trail; new song “Firefly” posted for your listening pleasure.
8. Former Megadeth drummer Nick Menza to release memoir. Should be a fascinating read.
9. Upstart Swedish traditional metallers In Solitude announce details for their third album, Sister.
10. Death Angel reveals the track listing for their new album, The Dream Calls for Blood.

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