NewsDARK FUNERAL: "We're Still Looking For A Permanent Vocalist"

DARK FUNERAL: “We’re Still Looking For A Permanent Vocalist”

Swedish black metal masters DARK FUNERAL are searching for a new vocalist for the band. Mainman Lord Ahriman has released the following message:

“Ave Demons!

Sorry for my long time silence. There are obviously reasons, personal reasons, for this silence, but I have no wish to dig any further into that now or ever to be honest, which I hope you all will respect! Anyway, apart from my short updates on my personal fan-page, I’m more than aware that many of you are waiting for some more concrete news on the new album, and vocalist.

Unfortunately there’s not much to tell except that I/we’re still busy writing. And we’re still looking for a new permanent vocalist, but as always there are a lot of things happening behind the scene…

Anyways, speaking about the new album… The new material is coming along absolutely majestic, no doubt! And compared to our previous albums, it carries a more melancholic touch than just sheer darkness and evil, but that’s where my blackened heart and soul is at the moment. And wherever my inner demons lead me I will follow. And wherever they’ll bring me, it will color my music obviously. I’m absolutely sure you’ll dig this new stuff as much as I do!

Besides writing on the new album, among many other things, we’re currently working on a massive 20 years anniversary gig in Stockholm, Sweden this spring. If you know the DARK FUNERAL history I’m sure you can figure out what date (weekend) we have in mind for this hellish event, if not, just wait for the official announcement coming soon. Anyway, this gig will be ‘EXCLUSIVE’ in many ways and you’ll don’t want to miss it, believe me!

As said, we’re still looking for a permanent vocalist, preferably from Scandinavia. If you’ve got what it takes to tour intensely and be the front man of the ineffable Kings of Black Metal, please send us your application to

Please provide the following information when sending applications:

Send us a photo, your name, age and a short background story about you and maybe bandography including touring history. Also attach 1-2 audio/video clips in good quality that have been recorded recently. If we find you interesting, we’ll contact you regarding the next step.”

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