DARK CASTLE Guitarist Stevie Floyd’s Split With AERIAL RUIN Now Available

Friday, 2nd August 2013

AERIAL RUIN, the gloom-trodden solo outfit featuring former Old Grandad/ Drift Of A Curse/Epidemic mastermind Erik Moggridge, and Dark Castle/Taurus guitarist/demoness STEVIE FLOYD, joined forces to release a split on vinyl and is now available for human consumption!

An eerily cerebral creation of acoustic solitude and sonic disease, the alliance finds Floyd and Moggridge posing as guest vocalists on select songs off their separate solo recordings with an additional guest appearance from Leviathan/Lurker of Chalice sorcerer Wrest all mastered by James Plotkin (OLD). The outcome is a haunting twelve-track audio orgy. At once heavy, spiritual and cathartic, Floyd’s and Moggridge’s otherworldly vocal chants twine into each other in near-sacramental fashion.

The STEVIE FLOYD/AERIAL RUIN self-released split recording is available on vinyl/free download with handmade artwork by Floyd via their official BandCamp Pages.

Lose yourself in the journey here.



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