D.R.I Cancels European Tour

Wednesday, 10th July 2013

Reports suggest that guitarist Spike Cassidy of metal crossover pioneers D.R.I. (DIRTY ROTTEN IMBECILES) is reportedly suffering from tendinitis, forcing the cancelation of the band’s previously announced European tour.

A statement from D.R.I.’s European booking agency, M.A.D. Tourbooking, was released today and reads as follows: “We are really sorry that we have to tell you that another tour has been canceled. The guitar player of D.R.I. has huge problems with his finger, he can’t bend it anymore, so he’s unable to play guitar. Seems like it’s from an injury moth ago. We wish him all the best and hope that he gets well soon!”

Cassidy underwent emergency surgery in September 2012 for a severe blockage caused by the reversal surgery he had just three weeks earlier. In 2004, Cassidy was diagnosed with colon cancer. He underwent surgery (a one-foot section of large intestine was removed through an eight-inch incision in his stomach during March 2006), radiation and chemotherapy and was previously said to be winning the battle against the disease.

D.R.I.’s classic 1987 album Crossover was reissued in April 2010  through Beer City Records. Available on LP, CD and as a digital download, the LP was remastered by Bill Metoyer, who was the original engineer for first issue of the album. The CD and digital version of the reissue include the original 13 songs plus 11 bonus tracks.


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