NewsCUT UP To Release "Forensic Nightmares" Video

CUT UP To Release “Forensic Nightmares” Video

Swedish death metallers CUT UP have finished recording their debut album for Metal Blade and will release Forensic Nightmares on June 26 on CD as well as on vinyl and digital.

Comments Cut Up vocalist/guitarist Andreas Björnson: “After more than a year of hard work, patience and determination we can finally present to you all our debut album, Forensic Nightmares. As the title proudly states, we are giving you nothing but a violent dose of death metal with an excellent production. I am ridiculously proud of what we’ve created together and can’t wait to hit stages around the world in support of the record. As a first taste of what we’re all about, we’re releasing the video to our song ‘Burial Time’. This song makes for a fitting representation of the album, seeing as it incorporates all the elements which makes Forensic Nightmares such a brutal force to be reckoned with. Stay tuned and we’ll see you all in the front row within the near future!”

Forensic Nightmares track listing:

1. Enter Hell
2. Burial Time
3. Remember The Flesh
4. A Butchery Improved
5. Brain Cell Holocaust
6.Forensic Nightmare
7. Camouflesh
8. Order Of The Chainsaw
9. Stab And Stab Again
10. Bunker Z 16
11. Dead And Impaled

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