CRETIN: New Album “Stranger” Due In December

Thursday, 20th November 2014

California grindsters CRETIN will release their new album, Stranger, on December 9 via Relapse Records. A new song, “Ghost of Teeth and Hair” can be streamed via the Soundcloud player below.

A perverted homage to the glory days of proto-grind and raw, depraved death metal, CRETIN have perfected the lo-fi stylings of Repulsion, Autopsy and early Napalm Death on their sophomore full-length and second Relapse Records release, Stranger. The creepified promo video for the album opener, “It”, can be seen below as well.

Oozing with violent, buzz-saw guitars, grinding grooves and blasts, a gut-wrenching low end and utterly deviant vocals/lyrics, Stranger will bring a malignant smile to those who prefer their listening sick and twisted.

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