Craving’s Ivan Chertov: What I’m Listening To

Saturday, 12th April 2014

Last year was a good year for metal. I will now pick five albums of 2013 which have blown me away, and I’m listening to right now.

I’m really excited about the new Rotting Christ album Kata Ton Daimona Eaytoy after the brilliant Theogonia and the strange AEALO. Sakis has composed a hell of a record full of great atmosphere and hooks.

manegarm-legionsofthenorthAnother piece of music which was great in 2013 was the new album by the Swedish pagan/black metal veterans Manegarm, Legions of the North. I’m not familiar with bands previous work, but this album is really well-composed and it carries the listener away from the first second. The vocal range of the singer is amazing.

The band I also discovered in 2013 is the German power metal band Wolfchant, who has released a very catchy power metal/pagan metal hybrid called Embraced by Fire. There are no fillers; every song is carrying you away to the world of ice and fire.

kvelertak-meirI heard about Kvlertak but never got into their sound till I heard their recent album Meir which has blew me away. This unique mixture of punk rock, indie and black metal made the band stand out of the mass of the metal in my opinion.

Besides all metal music I listen to, I got into the album called The Golden Age by a French artist, Woodkid. This epic opus got some mainstream attention in 2013 to my surprise. The music is to complicated for the mainstream in my opinion, if you listen to all the crap which is running in the radio nowadays.

Craving’s new album, At Dawn, was released in October of 2013 by Apostasy Records. For more information on the band, visit their Facebook page.

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