Comatose Music CD Giveaway!

Sunday, 9th February 2014

Dead and Comatose Music are giving away a pair of the label’s recent releases to one (1) lucky winner. Said individual will receive a copy of Down from the Wound’s Violence and the Macabre, and Aborted Fetus’ Private Judgement Day. Violence and the Macabre is described as having “Nearly 50 minutes of flesh shredding Southeast Asian brutality with old school atmosphere and organic production,” while Private Judgement Day “Explodes with violent guitar riffs, ruthless drumming, and immensely powerful guttural vocals that will expose you to the ravaged sounds of inhumanity.” Brutal death metal mongers rejoice!

For a chance to win, enter before Friday, February 21.


Enter “Brutal” in answer field
*When filling in the form, clear out the existing text in each field.


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