COLDWAR Release Lyric Video For “Ether Child”

Thursday, 27th March 2014

Irish hardcore death metal punks COLDWAR have released the lyric video for “Ether Child,” a song from their forthcoming fifth album, Pantheist. Edited by Doug Anderson of Visceral Video (EYE OF SOLITUDE, ARCANIA)”Ether Child” is about “The death of the material world and a celebration of the nature of the world beyond retail,” states vocalist Trevor McLave.

The darkness of the soul, esoteric symbology, natural evil, scrutinization of the irregularity of the Gregorian calendar, the meltdown crisis point at which capitalist society presently finds itself, and the possible final gasp of our current ‘material age’, to pave way for a potential revolutionary shift in values-consciousness for a jaded humanity. These are some of the varied concepts with which COLDWAR lyrically engage in their latest anthology, and forth-coming release Pantheist.

Pantheist track listing:

1. Heart Of Darkness
2. Ether Child
3. Mazu Awakens
4. 13th Moon
5. The Falcon Cannot Hear The Falconer
6. Ghostdance
7. Consciousness Paralysis
8. Abandonment Of Being
9. Last Days Of The 4th Sun

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