COFFIN DUST To Release “This Cemetery, My Kingdom” In February

Saturday, 25th January 2014

Unholy Anarchy Records is set to release the debut full-length, This Cemetery, My Kingdom, from the Philadelphia horror death/thrash outfit COFFIN DUST on February 18th on digipak CD in time for their appearance at the Blood of the Wolf Fest in Lexington, Kentucky.

More information on the festival can be found here.

The album was recorded by Chris Grigg in Brooklyn, NY in 2012, and was mixed and mastered by David Prae and John Micars at Monolith Studios.

This Cemetery, My Kingdom track listing:

1. The Obelisk
2. Ancient Rites of Buried Evil
3. Crack Open a Cold One
4. Coffin Dust
5. Homicidal Tendencies
6. Saw-Wolf
7. Sir Doohme, The Coffin Master
8. Mary Jane Rotten Crotch
9. Bone Head
10. Pig Roast
11. The Portal In the Crystal Casket
12. This Cemetery, My Kingdom

COFFIN DUST have been defiling ears since 2010, with three previous releases, including splits with CAPE OF BATS (Grim Winds Tapes, 2010) and SPEWTILATOR (Headsplit Records, 2013), and a EP release, entitled Ancient Rites of Buried Evil (self-released, 2011). The horror-inspired death/thrash combination is brutally enjoyable, and COFFIN DUST definitely dish out some gore-infested groove that get the hooks in good!

This Cemetery, My Kingdom features the following guest vocal appearances:

– Frank O’ Kane (CAPE OF BATS) on “Ancient Rites of Buried Evil”
– Rob Russell (LIVING DECAY) on “Crack Open a Cold One”
– Alex Citrone (RAZORMAZE) on “Saw-Wolf”
– Chuck McIntyre & Anton Escobar (both of TOMBSTALKER) on “Mary Jane Rotten Crotch”
– Chris Grigg (WOE) on “The Portal In the Crystal Casket”
– Brandon ‘Stench’ Hartwell (NIGHT NURSE) & ‘Maniac’ Neil Smith (BLOOD FREAK, WHORE) on “This Cemetery, My Kingdom”


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