BLACK TRIP: “Radar” Video Released

Thursday, 5th June 2014

Swedish hard rockers BLACK TRIP have posted the video for “Radar,” a song from their debut Goin’ Under album, which will be released by SPV/Steamhammer on July 4 in Germany and July 7 in the rest of Europe (excluding Scandinavia) on CD, LP and as a digital download.

The idea for BLACK TRIP goes all the way back to 2003. Peter Stjärnvind, a veteran of the Swedish metal scene, and a former drummer for (among others) ENTOMBED, NIFELHEIM and MERCILESS, was hanging out with his good mate and fellow drummer Daniel Bergqvist (ex-WOLF) when the two decided to start a new band and name it BLACK TRIP. They wanted this band to build on the musical heritage and sound of the bands they both grew up with. Stjärnvind traded in his drums for the guitar and set to writing and recording new tracks. Unfortunately, the whole project then came to a halt and nothing happened for several years.

Fast forward to 2011 and backstage at a festival in Germany, Stjärnvind got to talking with Joseph Tholl, guitarist for ENFORCER and CORRUPT. They got to discussing who was their favorite NWOBHM singer of all time, and Tholl acknowledged that he’d long had ambitions to be the singer in a band. That was it! BLACK TRIP was alive again and Tholl was the new singer.

BLACK TRIP recorded another demo and also released a seven-inch single. By this time, the band’s sound had matured; Stjärnvind’s raw and unpolished riffs and Joseph Tholl’s amazing bluesy rock voice created the perfect canvas. The group was completed by Sebastian Ramstedt (ex-NIFELHEIM) on guitar, Johan Bergebäck (ex-NIFELHEIM) on bass and Jonas Wikstrand on the drums.

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