AURVANDIL: “Thrones” Album Due In May

Friday, 14th March 2014

French black metallers AURVANDIL will release their sophomore album, Thrones, on May 6 via Eisenwald.

A press release states: “All yearning embittered, the flesh is shed, the journey ends: AURVANDIL returns with Thrones carved in stone and snow, distilling the essence of soaring, northern purity throughout four hymns of Iron and Ice, four funereal storms summoned: glacial black metal. AURVANDIL was incepted in 2006 as a spontaneous, scornful, hatred-driven catharsis. Following hesitant first steps, Ferd commenced a quest for hyperboreal purity, concluding with Yearning, thus shedding all flesh and past wanderings. Now the yonder beckons a final journey towards the Northern blaze – a horizon of ashes and frost.”

Thrones track listing:

1. For Whom Burnest Thou
2. The Harvest Of Betrayal
3. Summon The Storms
4. Ingen Lindring

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