August 2014 Album of the Month: Winterfylleth’s “The Divination of Antiquity”

Monday, 1st September 2014

Despite some stiff competition this month, particularly a down to the wire edging out of The Haunted’s Exit Wounds, Winterfylleth have emerged victorious as our latest album of the month. These Anglo-Saxons have perfected their craft over the years, with Divination setting yet a new high water mark for the band. The atmosphere crafted on Divination is nothing short of gorgeous, particularly on tracks like “Over Borderlands,” while retaining a black metal edge. This is a band more people should be paying attention to.

An excerpt from Daniel Keating’s 9.5/10 review, which posted August 20, 2014:

Winterfylleth. If you don’t know them by now, you absolutely should. And if you’re paying attention to the metalsphere you’d also know that they’ve emerged as one of the top pagan/atmospheric black metal acts on the planet, because they absolutely are. Their 2012 masterpiece, The Threnody of Triumph, sets the bar sky-high for these Anglo-Saxons. Do they follow up this remarkable achievement with an even better effort? Possibly. What is clear after spending a few short weeks with The Divination of Antiquity, is that it’s handily one of the best releases of the year and is a stellar album.

Seeming a bit more melodic and dynamic than the previous album perhaps, we hear the band stretching out more toward the graceful side of things. So, it can be said that maybe there is less of the black and more of the atmosphere. Well, that might be so, but what this is, ultimately, is a well-balanced and masterful album.

To read the entire review, click here.

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