ANNIHILATOR At Work On New Video

Thursday, 5th September 2013

ANNIHILATOR guitarist/founder Jeff Waters has checked in with the following update:

“Some Annihilator gossip: I hear rumors of an official Annihilator video coming very soon for the song ‘No Way Out’; a tune that might just be, sort of, possibly, about the notorious, convicted murderer Jodi Arias. Shhhh!”

Annihilator’s latest effort, Feast, is charting higher than any previous album since 2001. Early chart results show a #6 German club promo chart position with a #20 official German Media Control Charts debut. Feast also made a debut on the Finnish charts at #17. Feast was released in the US and Canada on September 3rd.

Feast tracklisting:

1. Deadlock
2. No Way Out
3. Smear Campaign
4. No Surrender
5. Wrapped
6. Perfect Angel Eyes
7. Demon Code
8. Fight The World
9. One Falls, Two Rise

Bonus CD – Re-Kill (best of re-recorded 2012):

1. Fun Palace
2. Alison Hell
3. King Of The Kill
4. Never, Neverland
5. Set The World On Fire
6. Welcome To Your Death W.T.Y.D.
7. Nozone
8. Bloodbath
9. 21
10. Stonewall
11. Ultra Motion
12. Time Bomb
13. Refresh The Demon
14. Word Salad
15. Brain Dance


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