ANGRA Releases Trailer For “Final Light” Video

Saturday, 28th February 2015

Brazilian power metal giants ANGRA have released a trailer for their “Final Light” video, a song from their new album, Secret Garden.

Directed by Drico Mello, who was also responsible for ANGRA’s “Angels Cry 20th Anniversary Tour” DVD and the music video for the first single from Secret Garden, “Storm Of Emotions”, “Final Light” is completely different from everything ANGRA has made until now, recreating World War II air battles with vintage aircrafts and special digital effects, as seen on movies like “Red Tales”. The scenes were filmed at the amazing TAM Museum in Brazil, and the entire production, makeup and aesthetics of the video were developed with the idea of having an authentic vintage feel. The immense arsenal of aircrafts in their warehouse was available for the making of the video.

The full “Final Light” music video will be released in the second week of March.

Secret Garden track listing:

1. Newborn Me
2. Black Hearted Soul
3. Final Light
4. Storm of Emotions
5. Synchronicity II
6. Violet Sky
7. Secret Garden (feat. Simone Simons)
8. Upper Levels
9. Crushing Room (feat. Doro Pesch)
10. Perfect Symmetry
11. Silent Call