ALICE IN CHAINS To Become Extinct After “Dinosaurs” Release?

Thursday, 25th April 2013

Not a chance.

After an interview with Fuse and a series of hysterical “Is this the end of ALICE?” headlines that erupted online following the interview, Jerry Cantrell has finally cleared the air. The guitarist reassured fans that the band is not breaking up following the release of its new album, “The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here”.

Cantrell told Billboard, “What I said was, I approach every record as if it were my last, trying to make it the best record it can be. That’s what I meant.” And although he knows not every fan digs the latest line-up or effort by ALICE IN CHAINS, he continued: “I don’t do this for what people tell me I should do with my life, or my band. I do what I want to do and what my band wants to do. And we continue to do that.”

“The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here” is ALICE IN CHAINS’ second album with William DuVall on board as co-lead vocalist and guitarist, following 2009’s comeback effort, “Black Gives Way To Blue”.  The latest album is due out May 28 featuring the chart-topping single, “Hollow” and recently unveiled track, “Stone”.

ALICE IN CHAINS will tread on, touring today in Miami Beach to promote the upcoming album and will continue on, headlining the “Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival” later this summer.

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