NewsAdam B. of Epi-Demic: What I'm Listening To

Adam B. of Epi-Demic: What I’m Listening To

There is a great variety of genres to chose from in metal music, that may be my favorite thing about it. Here’s a list of some of the different stuff I’m listening to right now.

1. “Scorbutics” by Asphyx from Death…The Brutal Way.

As soon as this track starts it hits you like a punch in the face and it doesn’t stop. Everything about this song feels grimy and nasty, like death metal should. Paul Baayen’s guitar playing is excellent, Wannes Gubbels and Bob Bagchus form a relentless rhythm section, and Martin van Drunen’s vocals are brutality incarnate.

2. “Corpse Content (Happy Death)” by Demolition Hammer from Skull Fracturing Nightmare.

I got this tape a couple of years ago and its been a favorite of mine ever since. The best thing about this song for me is the melody of the riff and the phrasing of the vocals, really good stuff.

3. “Trader In Death” by Broken Bones from Trader In Death.

A great instrumental tune, this song has been a mainstay on my playlist for a long time. The riffs are crushing, the guitar tone is metallic and aggressive. Broken Bones do a great job of building tension in this song and setting it off at the right time.

4. “We gotta know” by Cro Mags from Age Of Quarrel.

This is one of the songs that inspired me to start a band when I was younger and it still has one of my favorite solos of all time. I used to play this over and over again until the CD started to skip and I’d have to get a new one.

5. “My Thoughts” by Excel from The Joke’s On You.

Excel is an underated band in my book. They have some really amazing songs, like this one. “My Thoughts” is one of those songs that doesn’t get old. If these riffs don’t do it for you I don’t know what will!

So that’s it! I could go on, but for the time being that’s my top 5. Check them out if you haven’t heard and if you have… keep cranking them up!

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