ACHERON Issue Kult Des Hasses Album Update

Monday, 3rd June 2013

It has been four years since the last ACHERON album and the band has finally returned to record a new unholy masterpiece. ACHERON entered Bad Back Studio in Cleveland, Ohio earlier this spring with engineer David Johnson to begin tracking the new CD, Kult Des Hasses, for a November release via Listenable Records.

The goal of this album is to return to a more pure and raw studio sound, very much like the old-school classic releases of bands like CELTIC FROST, MERCYFUL FATE, SLAYER and POSSESSED. In a day and age where modern technology is over used by so many bands, ACHERON wants to present a great quality album without all the over-produced bullshit! The songwriting is very catchy, aggressive and heavy.

Says ACHERON founding member Vincent Crowley: “Bands like VENOM and SODOM make brutal songs, but the tunes are very memorable and catchy. That has always been my goal with ACHERON. And I must say this is one of the catchiest ACHERON albums ever. I have no doubt that our fans both old and new will enjoy this upcoming musical assault.”

The present line-up of ACHERON is Vincent Crowley (vocals, bass), Kyle Severn (drums) and Art Taylor (lead, rhythm guitar). On the album they are joined by special guest Ricktor Ravensbruck (WOLFEN SOCIETY, ELECTRIC HELLFIRE CLUB, WOLFPACK 44) as a second lead guitarist. The band wanted to capture a sick dual guitar attack sound. The insane work of Taylor and Ravensbruck has indeed accomplished that.

Some very special guest vocals will be on the album also, including Kam Lee (ex-MASSACRE), Jim Lippucci (SOULLESS), John and Jill McEntee (INCANTATION, FUNERUS), Zdenka Prado (ESTUARY) and Acheron alumni Ash Thomas (ESTUARY, FAITH XTRACTOR).

Kult Des Hasses track listing:

1. Daemonum Lux
2. Satan Holds Dominion
3. Raptured To Divine Perversion
4. Jesus Wept
5. Thy Father Suicide
6. Misanthropic Race
7. Whores And Harlots
8. Asphyxiation (Hands Of God)
9. Concubina Do Diabo
10. Devil’s Black Blood

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