Walk in Darkness – A Faceless New World

Saturday, 10th March 2018

Being able to put out two full-length albums in a span of exactly one year is an accomplishment. Being able to put out two albums that maintain a consistent high quality is even more rare. But such is the case for Walk in Darkness, an Italian gothic metal entity that has come out of the shadows in the last few years. Taking the genre by storm, their particular style of gothic/symphonic metal establishes a proper mix between darker tones and melody.

Their recently released second album, Welcome to the New World, takes an effective leap from their debut. Avoiding the straight-laced, poppy approach, there’s plenty of substance to be found in the heavier dynamics the band tends to dabble in. Considering the short time between releases, Walk in Darkness seems primed to break through to a larger audience within the scene. So we reached out to guitarist/lyricist Shaman, to discuss the presence of robed figures, the band’s history, and the general vibes that Walk in Darkness is shooting for.

Dead Rhetoric: Talk to us about how Walk in Darkness came to be.

Shaman: The WID project we offer, stems from the need to represent the metal genre in its complexity, no longer as a robust display of distorted guitars and slogans, more or less immature, but through the structuring of a profound, philosophical and universal message. This derives from the intersection of elaborate and profound texts, unpredictable, and often surprising music, defining the theatrical context representing our message. The project was born from the creative and visionary force of the WID mastermind, Shaman, with the particular vocal ability of Nicoletta Rosellini. Nicoletta is the voice and face of the band, providing the WID connection with the external world.

Dead Rhetoric: How do you describe the vibe and atmosphere that Walk in Darkness is going for?

Shaman: The world denounced by WID is a world that deteriorates toward superficiality, appearance, commercialization and aggressive marketing. It is a world in which humanity is debased, forced to walk fast, unable to see and hear. It is a world dominated by a unique God representing a unique thought: money! It is a world without poetry, and without seasons, regulated only by the rhythms of the commercial markets. Walk in Darkness, move on the edge of the “abyss,” in the shadow of things, between the rain and the wind that blows through the collapsed walls of ancient buildings that still testify to the heroism, poetry and grandeur of the past in antithesis to modernity populated by smaller and insignificant men.

Dead Rhetoric: Welcome to the New World will be released exactly one year after your debut, In the Shadows of Things. Was this intentional?

Shaman: Yes, it’s intentional. We possibly could have released the second album even before February 17 – 2018, but we chose to re-release on the same date of the previous album to define a cycle, such as the moon’s phases, the tides, the winter and summer solstice, or the passage of Halley’s comet.

Dead Rhetoric: With only one year between releases, was the band feeling particularly creative?

Shaman: In fact, between the first and the second album we never stopped. For us music is a continuous flow, because we have a strong and well-defined background philosophy. We do not follow preordained patterns, although we tend to gothic metal we are not related to one particular genus or subgenus. We walk independently, and deal with universal themes, merging poetry with music. We are already working on the third album.

Dead Rhetoric: Do you feel that you were able to use In the Shadows of Things as a learning process for the band?

Shaman: The first album was a great success for the band, and gave us the strength to continue on our path.

Dead Rhetoric: Where would you like to see the band go in the future, from a musical standpoint?

Shaman: Our idea is to spread our musical message. If it becomes necessary to promote a series of dates for concerts in Italy and abroad, we will proceed in this direction. In the meantime, our priority is to create original music, where music and lyrics have the same relevance.

Dead Rhetoric: There are robed figures on both album covers – is this a theme for the band?

Shaman: In this world, all people wear a mask, so humanity has turned into a multitude of masks. Walk in Darkness are “faceless” and this lack of face allows us to make a simplification, because the “faceless” do not need to wear masks. This is a way to represent men in their universal essence, without individuality, where their equality is defined by their identical destiny.

Dead Rhetoric: You recently posted some pictures from a video shoot. How did it go?

Shaman: We completed a video in perfect “Walk In Darkness style” that will be released on February 17, 2018, along with the album.

Dead Rhetoric: Do you like using Bandcamp as a format for releasing your work? Does it help with getting your name out there easier, on a global level?

Shaman: No, I don’t believe so, it’s just a matter of convenience; our CDs are available on all major digital stores.

Dead Rhetoric: What plans do you have for 2018?

Shaman: We will to work to realize the third CD, and prepare one date for a live concert where the philosophy and style of the WID can fully manifest itself.

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