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Thursday, 27th March 2014

Dead Rhetoric: “Devotion” is one of my personal favorites on the record. Where did the inspiration of this particular piece come from? How and when was it written and composed? Elaborate on this piece.

Leatherdemon:  I wrote almost all (one part was written by Persekutor ) lyrics for “Devotion,” I put all my emotions and feelings in that song, there is lot of anger, melancholy, hate, strength, and a proud spirit…all the things I’ve been through in last few years  are in that song. Persekutor recognized it, and he wrote killer riffs for it, they fit into whole process and the result is very cool.

Persekutor: I knew about Bekim´s lyrics and tried to but these emotions into a musical style. I think it fits very well and really presents emotions, melancholy but at the same time strong and powerful.

Dead Rhetoric:  Do you have a particular favorite or favorites on the record? What song (if you can choose one) most represents Triumphant as a band?

Leatherdemon: I think “Triumphant” and “Life Under the Inverted Cross” [“Zivot Ispod Obrnutog Krsta”] are the songs that represent our sound, there are classic heavy metal parts, epic black metal parts, filthy thrash metal parts…But every song on that album has its own touch and spirit!

Persekutor: I really like every song on the album, otherwise I would not have recorded them. I think “Life Under the Inverted Cross” [“Zivot Ispod Obrnutog Krsta”] is the song that includes all of our best features. In addition to that, the title song has become one of my personal favorites.

Dead Rhetoric: How did the recording sessions of Herald the Unsung turn out? What were some of the struggles, difficulties, challenges, and enjoyments you faced?

Leatherdemon: Wow as the Persekutor said, we had lot of difficulties, stress, sleepless nights… We had only a couple days for recordings and that was sick, at the end I had only like three hours to record vocals…

Persekutor: Haha, we had a lot of difficulties and yes it was indeed challenging. In the end it all turned out great, but we had an extremely short time frame.

Dead Rhetoric: It fits very well with the themes of Triumphant and Herald the Unsung, but what exactly lead you to using the antique “Triumfátor” painting by Josef Mandl as the album cover art?

Persekutor: It simply fits with the name (the painting is called “The Triumphant” in English) and it somehow really outlines the atmosphere on the album. Of course the triumphant is an equivalent of death, the fact that everything is limited like the human nature and that some things never will change. There is an evil, hateful component within humanity and Triumphant is one of my personal ways in expressing this beast within me, which makes me a quite balanced temper on the other hand I think. In my opinion there are different types of trait regarding men. I often see myself as a melancholic, which is nothing bad in my belief. So it is quite logic that I would stick to that kind of music and our cover artwork is expressing this ideas in a perfect way.

Dead Rhetoric: How would you (or could you) describe “Herald the Unsung” as a character?

Persekutor: I would compare it to Nosferatu. The character of a vampire would fit perfect to the melancholic overtone of the album. For me, the vampire has always had a certain fascination and I´m not talking about some Hollywood-bullshit-cliché but about the significance it had in anthropology, mythology, popular belief and of course as a figure of expressionistic art (like in Werner Herzogs masterpiece “Nosferatu. Phantom of the Night” 1979). The fact that the vampire combines the feature of a lost soul, that is stuck in eternity, contemned to live in the shadows of mankind, the bringer of the plague and damnation, that still is bound to warm human blood is a perfect allegory of all the negativity and primordial fears within human culture. It sucks that this figure has become pretty much deformed and ridiculous today…

Dead Rhetoric: You guys have some interesting stage-names, how did you come up with these pseudonyms and how do they reflect you individually?

Leatherdemon: Leatherdemon is very simple, I like to wear leather, chains and shit, especially on the stage, so the people who saw us live know why I am Leatherdemon. On the stage, I am an evil, furious motherfucker in chains and leather…

Persekutor: It simply fits and it is concise.  The Latin word “persecutor” means “declared enemy, persecutor of Christians” which I think I don´t have to explain. In addition to that it can also be translated as “complainant,” which reflects the critical, distrustful spirit. It can also mean to simply take revenge.

Dead Rhetoric: When not recording, performing, etc., do you guys get along well as friends?

Leatherdemon: Oh, yes sure, we go out together, we go to the concerts and festivals together. We do lot of stuff together, and I think it’s very important for a band, together as one.

Persekutor: We have a great climate. Could not be better!

Dead Rhetoric: What are the future plans for Triumphant?

Leatherdemon: Well at the time we are working on two new songs for split 7″ and this year we want to make a video! We will continue to work hard, promote our stuff and play gigs…

Persekutor: Recording stuff and kicking ass!

Dead Rhetoric: Thanks for doing this interview, even more thanks for an all-around excellent metal album. Do you have any last comments or anything else you’d like to share with us?

Leatherdemon: No, thank you for the great interview and review also, thanks for your support, without people like you it would be very hard for us! Hails to all maniacs in USA, I hope one day we will come there and kick your asses with our pure, fucking evil metal. HAIL TO THE BEAST

Persekutor: Keep it true!

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