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Sodom – Keeping Thrash Alive and Ferocious

Blistering.com: Do you guys have anything in the works for a US tour?

Angelripper: We were supposed to do a couple of shows, but we ran into some problems with the local promoters over there. That’s very bad. We always get problems when we come over to North America. We need a promoter who is serious and is going to help us over. You need the papers; you need the working permissions and other stuff. A band like Sodom, we can’t go North America as tourists. You would get in a lot of trouble over there. My dream is to do it this year. We have a European tour, and this summer we have a couple of festivals, and at the end of the year I want to go to North America for some shows.

Blistering.com: It’s very hard to tour over here, with it being so expensive as well.

Angelripper: Other bands always have a lot of problems there. You have to have everything for the US border and have the papers. We really need a serious promoter that is going to help us over.

Blistering.com: How are things working out with the new drummer [Markus Freiwald]?

Angelripper: It’s really cool! I’ve known him since the 80s, when he played for Despair. He’s a really good drummer! He’s not the typical thrash metal guy – he’s not wearing long hair and whatever. But he’s a wonderful drummer. It’s very sad that Bobby [Schottkowski] left the band just before we start to tour. We had a lot of work to get a setlist, but he’s rehearsing every day, and he’s doing a fine job. I always want to keep going on! If a drummer or a guitarist leaves the band, never mind – I just want to keep going!

Blistering.com: What do you think of the state of metal today, especially considering the resurgence of thrash metal in recent years?

Angelripper: It’s hard to say. In Germany, especially in Europe, the metal scene is getting really big. But it seems to get more commercial. There are hundreds of new bands coming out every month. There are a lot of young bands trying to do the same music like bands coming from the 80s. You cannot copy it. There’s a special spirit of the 80s. Even Sodom – we cannot copy it, but we try to keep the spirit of the 80s. Talking about the thrash revival, I know that thrash is getting bigger nowadays. Kreator, Exodus and Death Angel touring Europe – especially Germany – and being very successful. We always do what we want, and we have a lot of Sodom fans that are waiting for the new tour and to hear the new songs from the new album. The metal scene is really big. We have so many big festivals in Germany, and people have to save the money and go to Wacken or wherever. It’s getting really big, but also really commercial. You cannot compare it to the 80s where the metal scene was like a family. It’s getting really big.

Blistering.com: Is there anything new going on in the Onkel Tom camp?

Angelripper: Yeah! We are in the studio right now and are recording a new album. I have a couple of new band members. They live in my hometown, so we can rehearse whenever we want. We have 20 new songs, which we are going to record. I’ll start singing after the Sodom European tour. I have no time now! I think we’re going to release it in June or July in Germany. It’s a very good album! It’s not just party music – it’s very good heavy metal music. It’s good punk music – with German drinking lyrics! We have a really good band and I’m really excited for it. I hope we get a chance to play in the US! People may not understand the lyrics, but they know the metal behind it. People just having a good time! We played in Russia, but I think people are waiting for a new album.

Blistering.com: How was it doing a guest appearance for Onslaught on their Motorhead cover?

Angelripper: I’m a big Onslaught fan from the beginning. They asked me to do a “Bomber” cover and I thought, why not? They sent me the files to my studio and I recorded it. It was a wonderful idea to do a video clip from “Bomber.” I’m a big Motorhead and a big Lemmy fan. We can respect him when we cover a song like this. It’s wonderful. Onslaught’s a wonderful band, you know. We had a couple of festivals together and we met these guys. I’m an old-school metal fan. I like this band! And Lemmy now is 65 years-old. Still in the scene and on the road. It’s really awesome and I respect him so much!

Blistering.com: I know you guys have toured all over the world, but is there anywhere that you haven’t gotten to play that you would like to?

Angelripper: There are some countries that we can’t play. Last year, I got an offer to play in Pakistan and some strange countries. It could be very dangerous to go out there. That is a dream – I want to live in a peaceful world. I want to play everywhere. I would like to play in Africa, but Africa isn’t really a market for heavy metal fans. But we’ve played almost everywhere and are expected to in the metal scene!

Blistering.com: Is there anything else that you’d like to add?

Angelripper: I would like to thank you! The new album came out this week in the US. I hope the people enjoy it. Thank you for the support, and hope to see you guys on the metal cruise! We will have a good time there! We get a drink – it would be nice! I’m looking really forward for a tour. I think the time is right. Thank you for all your support!


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