Master – “I Hope When I Pass On, No One Plays Master Covers”

Venerable, probably more defiant than they need to be, and surely reliable as fuck, Chicago-turned-Czech Republic death metal mongers Master initially made their hay in the untested mid-80’s, where there Read more […]

LowCityRain – Numb and Intoxicated

Considering Markus Siegenhort’s role as mastermind of German black metal adventurists Lantlôs, the opportunity to delve into his 80’s synth/Goth LowCityRain project proved to be too much to pass up. Read more […]

Dan Barkasi Best-of 2013

Well, here we go again, folks. We’re ending another year, and the first year for this all too awesome website. Of course, we must close things out with the ever popular, but always daunting, year end Read more […]

Almah – The Commanding Voice

One of the few singers able to step into a successful band and not incur a pile-on of “The old guy was better” backlash, Edu Falaschi’s joining of Angra in 2001 achieved its intended purpose: It successfully Read more […]

Joshua Overbey Best-of 2013

Overall, 2013 was quite an interesting year to be a metal fan (that would be Josh on the far right – ed.) . We got a little bit of everything: younger bands continuing on an upward trajectory into modern Read more […]

So Hideous – Goodbye My Love

So Hideous’ unique brand of post-black orchestral chaos, or as described by guitarist/keyboardist Brandon Cruz himself, “[the sound of] an intense man yelling during a symphony run through tube amps Read more […]

Raymond VanRiette Best-of 2013

2013 seemed like a year of unexpectedly good albums from long-running bands I haven’t paid much attention to in a while. Rotting Christ, Tad Morose, heck – even the godlike Katatonia all delivered albums Read more […]

Michael Kiske – Good Karma Chameleon Part II

As for the second installment of our interview with Michael Kiske, once discussion moved past the evolution of his solo career and Avantasia, we waxed over somewhat of a contentious topic – the Helloween Read more […]

Michael Kiske – Good Karma Chameleon Part I

A picture of Elvis serves as Michael Kiske’s Skype profile photo, a shame for DR considering we wanted to compare our respective bald domes via the power of an internet cam. Lack of baldness look-sees Read more […]

Human Fortress – Reassembling With Power

In the power metal genre, directional shifts can be met with swift acclaim or dismay. In the case of Germany’s Human Fortress, little did they know that the positive critical reviews and audience approval Read more […]

Bridget Erickson Best-of 2013

This has been an exciting and engaging year in the metal scene, everything from events to records and tours. I attended many awesome concerts and got the opportunity to meet up with some awesome musicians, Read more […]

An Autumn for Crippled Children – Forget Forever

The internet age has taken the mystique out of bands. It’s not that difficult to figure out what INSERT YOUR BAND HERE is up to by checking out their Facebook profile or Twitter feed. Most of it is rather Read more […]

Kyle McGinn Best-of 2013

2013 was an exceptional year for metal. I can state this because I’ve nearly pulled the hair out of my beard on several occasions over the last few weeks trying to reduce my list of albums I’ve enjoyed Read more […]

Now You Know: Cryogen

Formation: 2004 Location: Colorado, USA Style: Melodic death metal mixed with some technical nuances Personnel: Ryan Conner (vocals); Brian Sawyer (guitar); Mike Papajohn (bass); Greg Burgess (guitar); Read more […]

Daniel Keating Best-of 2013

It’s impossible to really understand what it’s like to be someone else, but it always makes me thankful to be myself when I think that there are people on Earth who take a casual stance on music. As Read more […]

Sepultura – All Against All

So dogged by reunion/Max talk is Sepultura that even its main constituent, guitarist/songwriter Andreas Kisser, can’t help but bring up the Soulfly figurehead. DR was determined to go the entire chat Read more […]

Cronian – Gods of Their World(s)

Rare when a partnership is so fruitful that is spins off a band similar, or at least in the same area code as its main band. By rule, side projects are deemed as a receptacle for ideas not for use in one’s Read more […]

Matthew Bowling Best-of 2013

What a year, what a hell of a year. Within my personal life as well as within metal as a whole, it’s been a year of great change and growth. Finishing college, having my ass beaten through joining the Read more […]

Land of the Lost: 1998

Fifteen years doesn’t seem like that long of time considering how much longer people can live in today’s world. When thinking back to 1998, my then 27 year-old persona would begin to make a series Read more […]

Matt Coe Best-of 2013

Metal in the year 2013. Still exciting, still multi-dimensional, still not without its share of controversy. To buy or not to buy and what to buy seems to be the stirring, never-ending debate as bands Read more […]

Man Must Die – Tolerate This

“There are more letters in the word ‘business’ than there are in the word ‘music.’” Now that’s a quote we can all get behind, and it’s even better than the proverbial “There’s no ‘I’ Read more […]

David E. Gehlke Best-of 2013

When anything of remote excitement happens to our dog Goji (that would be him on the left), my fiance and I usually exclaim “You had a BIG day!” Perhaps these sort of sayings are meant as a term of endearment, Read more […]

Avatarium – Behold the Dark…In Paradise

On the other line all the way over in Sweden, Leif Edling was in the throes of moving to a new house, a task that everyone knows is one of exhaustion, impatience, and unease. Once Edling informed DR of Read more […]

November 2013 Rapid Fires

This month’s installment of Rapid Fires includes the links of 77, Asomvel, Chronos Zero, Coven 13, From Oceans to Autumn, Gnaw, Insomnium, Nocturnal Graves, Prospekt, Tribune, and Wan. Ten reviews, all Read more […]

The Vision Bleak –The Deathship Sails On

Heavy and boastfully thematic, Germany’s The Vision Bleak have held serve as one of European Goth metal’s more strident bands. Since their underrated 2004 The Deathship Has a New Captain debut, the Read more […]

Hatesphere – Murderlust Track-By-Track Breakdown

One of the absolute bastions of European thrash, Denmark’s Hatesphere have returned with their eighth album in the form of Murderlust (Massacre Records). The album – released in Europe this September Read more […]

Rivers of Nihil – Planting Seeds for the Future

Rivers of Nihil happen to be one of the more interesting young bands to come crawling out of the death metal scene as of late. Keeping one foot rooted in the past, they combine a number of more modern Read more […]

Satyricon – “No One Remembers a Coward”

If the black metal keyboard ninjas/message board dwellers had their way, Satryicon would be on at least, the fifth mutation of their Nemesis Divina classic. It’s just the way things are; either you don’t Read more […]

Chastain – Return of Miss Leather Part II

This is the second part of Matt Coe’s lengthy chat with Chastain vocalist Leather Leone. Read on for some fascinating tales, including a few stories on one Mr. Ronnie James Dio… Dead Rhetoric: So Read more […]

Chastain – Return of Miss Leather Part I

Before the internet, metal heads had to scramble to find out about the latest bands. Usually a combination of whatever magazines we could get our hands on, radio shows that may specialize an hour or two Read more […]

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