Leaves’ Eyes – Vikings for Life

Always an act to deliver heavy metal on an epic scale, Leaves’ Eyes have been working to up their game of symphonic heavy metal with each new release. The Last Viking is their latest release, which comes two years after Sign of the Dragonhead – the first album featuring vocalist Elina Siirala. A grandiose album in itself, Sign flourished with diversity, and its something that The Last Viking does equally well. After all, telling the tale of the last Viking King, Hardrada, is one story that needs a rousing soundtrack. We spoke to both vocalists Elina Siirala and Alexander Krull on separate Skype sessions to get their thoughts on the new album and its rich history, as well as plenty of personalized questions for each member. The interview with Alex appears after the picture below. Dead Rhetoric: What do you feel defines The Last Viking? Elina Siirala: It’s an epic concept album. Alex will tell you more about it I’m sure, but it’s based on the life of Hardrada, the last Viking [King]. It has a lot of different elements because we wanted to bring in all of these stories and each one has a different vibe. They make the … Continue reading Leaves’ Eyes – Vikings for Life