Kataklysm – A Venomous Concept

Saturday, 30th March 2013

Blistering.com: The standard song structure has been a hallmark for Kataklysm for years. When did that start to develop?

Dagenais: I think when we first started playing in our teens, we tried to be technical and messed with the song structures and tempo shifts, but then we realized as we grew older through touring, it’s not as fun to play live because what you’re trying to play is so complicated that you’re focusing on your instrument and not enjoying playing the actual music. So we tried to change in the sense that it’s like rock and roll – you should be able to have a good time and that the songs are memorable. I mean, I’ll spend time writing a riff that’s super simple with a few chords and I’ll spend tons of time working on it to make sure it’s the perfect riff that will stick in your head.

Blistering.com: Since you’ve added the Ex Deo project to your touring load, what’s the relationship like between the four of you? I would imagine you’d have to get along since you’ve been together for so long…

Dagenais: We’re brothers. We’ve known each other for 20 years. It’s really easy, but of course we have arguments. Our relationship with each other makes this band work really strongly. We’re like a second family and I can say that I spend more time with those guys than my actual family [laughs]. We know each other really well and it makes the whole thing more fun for sure. It’s not like one of those bands that are up there for a pay check and hate each other. I don’t see how you could have the passion to be in a band like that – it would be really hard to function like that. I feel lucky to be in a band that’s like a real family.

Blistering.com: Shadows and Dust is considered to be your benchmark album. How many doors did it open for the band?

Dagenais: Yeah, I think so. It’s a serious album. We got on bills with bigger bands and got better tours. It did a lot for us and that’s when everything became really serious and the band became a real job, not a hobby band.

Blistering.com: Let’s talk about you as a producer. What type of criteria do you have nowadays for someone to work with you?

Dagenais: I have to be selective because I don’t have so much time since we tour so much. I still try to work with bands that I like and want to work with, and also bands that I want to help. I remember when started, we lacked help from someone from people like me and I feel that it’s my contribution to at least try to help younger bands. I try to take in much as I can within a year.

Blistering.com: Finally, what’s the itinerary looking like going into the next year for Kataklysm?

Dagenais: As soon as Ozzfest is done, we’re doing a full month with Devildriver, as well as some off-dates with them. We’ll do a tour with Nile with Ex Deo, then for Kataklsym, we’ll do January/February in Europe, then going to South America. Then it will be the summer, so we’ll do all of the open airs in Europe. We’ll probably be there for most of next summer. We’re already there in terms of booking and it’s going to come quick, but we love the new album and so far, the songs are really fun to play live, so I’m looking forward to the next year.


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