Fatality North American Tour Diary Part III

Monday, 15th July 2013

Toronto’s favourite thrash party monsters Fatality are currently on a two-month North American “Towards Disastour” in support of their latest album Psychonaut. Frontman Spencer LeVon checks in, telling all about tour life and a grand utopia of sleeping apparatuses in Greenfield, MA…

“Last night, I had the shittiest sleep of all time. We were put up by Brian from American thrash band Lich King in a small town called Greenfield, MA. He lives on a beautiful property at the end of a long, skinny and winding forest road. We headed there after our set in Florence Mass for some much needed shut eye. When we got there Brian gave us a tour of his basement, which turned out to be an awesome recording studio.

I would normally be all too enthusiastic to be hanging out with all of this great recording equipment and great company, but I was just too damn exhausted to hang out. Instead of being a polite guest, while everyone was preoccupied I meticulously and connivingly scoped out a place to sleep. “Forget these chumps I am traveling with; I’m looking out for numero uno. Self-interest is the name of the game, baby,” I selfishly grunted to myself. As the band was getting the grand tour and being polite, I took off in a flash in search of a soft surface to rest my weary head.

I came across a large room I can only describe as a utopia of sleeping apparatuses: couches and bunk beds galore. I had my first pick of all of them. I believe I started laughing maniacally before doing a quick test sample of all of them with my fatigued fanny. Until I found it: the top bunk of the bunk bed. I could not resist its charm.

There is something about the top bunk that has always been sacred. It has been fought for and coveted through the ages in school-aged sleepovers since the invention of the stackable bed. I love everything about the top bunk. Especially that intrepid and gallant feeling you get as you pitter-patter up the silly little ladder. I scaled that fuckin’ dumb ladder in 2 and a half seconds and descended into sweet, sweet comfort and relaxation

fatalitygreen1fatalitygreen3Photos courtesy of FATALITY


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