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Eagleheart – Aiming High

Dead Rhetoric: What can you tell us about the cover art for Reverse? Do you believe it’s visually representative of what people can expect when listening to the record – and how important do you consider the visual aspects of the band for the total overall themes and output?

Kůs: I think it’s great! We worked on it with Hans Trasid for almost two years until he sent us the final version and we just love it. I had a couple of ideas and visions on what should be there so the cover and the whole booklet is graphically referring to the lyrics and the title of the album, so we had lots of discussions (regarding) what the album is about, how it should feel, what should be there, colors, etc. Also it was important for me that the elements of previous artworks will be present again since all those albums are somehow connected and in my opinion Hans executed all those ideas amazingly. Of course, the visual aspects are very important for us, they create atmosphere and the whole experience of the album hand in hand with the music.

Dead Rhetoric: Can you describe Eagleheart when it comes to live performances – what do you hope the audience is able to get across from the band on stage? What have been some of your favorite or most memorable performances to date either in a club, theater, or festival setting?

Kůs: We love performing live since you have the real contact with the fans, you can see how they react to your music, to all the feelings and emotions that’s very important. This has always been a big motivation to us since it feels like you are being rewarded. But basically we just wanna have fun on stage, that’s first and foremost and people always react positively when they see you like what you are doing. We can’t wait to perform the new songs live, finally! As for memorable performances… you know, when we play in our hometown Brno, it has always been amazing, so definitely a lot of those shows will stay in our minds. Apart from that I have to mention supporting Dragonforce on a part of their European tour, that was amazing as well. Festivals are great as well, I would have to name lots of shows.

Dead Rhetoric: What does the power metal genre mean to you? Who are some of your favorites in terms of artists or albums that really generate the strength and vitality within this genre?

Kůs: To be honest I don’t care that much about labels anymore, especially nowadays where I hear quite often than power metal in general is a genre of low quality music. I think this opinion is bullshit but anyway… I like lots of music as far as it carries certain atmosphere and melody which resonates with me. It’s important that the songs work even with basic arrangements like acoustic guitar or piano where things are stripped down. But back to your question, besides others I started with Helloween and I still love most of their stuff, especially the old albums had a big impact on me when I was a kid. Later came Kamelot and especially the Epica and The Black Halo albums, blew a fresh air into this genre, amazing melodies, arrangements and very emotional. I also like Symphony X, Blind Guardian, especially the Nightfall in Middle-Earth album. I can also mention Circus Maximus, Wintersun etc.

Dead Rhetoric: How would you describe the heavy metal scene within the Czech Republic? Is there a growing local scene that is as supportive as when the international artists come to play your country?

Kůs: There is quite a metal scene in Czech Republic I have to say. There have been lots of metal bands here, sometimes I have a feeling that most of the metalheads are musicians, actually. Of course, metal is underground here as everywhere but there have been lots of events going on every week from small local gigs to concerts of big names. Czech Republic has also been a home of big festivals like Masters of Rock, Brutal Assault, Metalfest etc. International acts like playing here and they come back very often.

Dead Rhetoric: What obstacles or challenges do you feel Eagleheart has to overcome in this changing metal landscape? Do you believe Scarlet Records aids the cause in getting the band to a larger fan base given their promotional/publicity channels?

Kůs: Regarding this we come back to the financial side of the whole thing. If you have a semi-professional band and you want to enter the first league, you have to have resources, I mean a lot of them and if you don’t have a really strong and rich label or sponsor behind yourself you don’t have a chance and will remain in the underground which has its pros as well. I will give you an example… when you reach a certain point in your career when other bigger bands start recognizing you, you get a chance to support them. And unless you are very lucky (like us in 2012 with Dragonforce where we did not pay anything) you have to pay for it, e.g. 500 euro for a show on a month tour where you also have to eat something and basically live somehow. And for a band coming up from our environment that is simply something we cannot afford. I am not complaining, that’s the way it is and bigger bands are doing this since the struggle as well but this is not for us. Regarding Scarlet Records, it’s a nice, small label, we know the guys for some time and we are sure they can help us to grow bigger, otherwise we would not go for it again. It’s true that for a while we were wondering about releasing the album on our own but I don’t think we would be doing this interview had we (done) it like that. So they definitely helped us a lot, we have a win/win contract.

Dead Rhetoric: What fears or concerns do you have regarding the world that we live in today? What areas of life do you think people need to really work upon to make the world a better and safer experience?

Kůs: Oh, that’s a difficult question… First of all, I try to avoid fear, since very often it is holding us back from being ourselves, limiting us and changing our identities. I have read somewhere that 90% of everything that you fear actually never happens and that is also what “Until Fear Is Gone” is about, by the way. False Evidence Appearing Real. Aside from that, I try not to read newspapers as much as I used to in the past, though I am not very successful very often in this area. You just cannot hide from the world and avoid every news (item), so I have some concerns regarding Trump, North Korea, the immigration situation and terrorism in Europe etc. but I really try not to dig into this too much since it has been a waste of time and energy and it produces fear which often leads to more negative energy in the society which is affecting us a lot. So I would say people should fear less and think and feel more.

Dead Rhetoric: When you have the free time to do so, what hobbies, passions, or interests do you like to engage in outside of music?

Kůs: I must admit that most of my free time is consumed by music, whether it’s playing the guitar, singing, songwriting or managing the band. But I have lots of hobbies, actually. I am a petrolhead, definitely, and I also like watching movies (sci-fi, detective stories), reading books. I also love traveling and history that I have a Masters degree from.

Dead Rhetoric: How do you see the next 12 months shaping up for Eagleheart in terms of promotion and live performances? Has work already begun on the fourth album, and if so where do you see things going as far as the style – will you continue to expand upon your power metal foundation?

Kůs: We plan to support Reverse live as much as possible. Recently a new lyric video for “Healing the Scars” was released and this week we are shooting a music video for “Until Fear Is Gone”. I am sure we will do more videos in the future. At the end of October, we have a short tour over clubs in Italy and Czech Republic and then we will continue in a similar way in the spring of 2018. For summer we plan to appear at festivals as (we have) every year. Hopefully there will be more shows abroad next year, we are working on it constantly. As for the fourth album, I think we need a break from songwriting and producing for some time so no plans for that, yet, but we will see. Regarding the style, it really depends on the mood and how much we will want to experiment but I guess we will stay true to our style.

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