Deadlock – On Perseverance

To say that the last few years have been taxing on Deadlock would be an understatement. First, one of their founding members, drummer Tobias Graf died of cancer. Then they lost vocalist Sabine Scherer, as she wanted to be more involved with her family. All of this coming just after a time when they had signed to Napalm Records, and things seemed to be on the up and up. What’s a band to do? Well, in the case of Deadlock, they decided to continue moving forward. Sabine had a hand in picking her successor, vocalist Margie Gerlitz and the band hit the road, and eventually the studio once more. As vocalist John Gahlert states below, it is evident when you hear Hybris that it’s a more personal record. While the vegan/naturalist vibes are still present, there’s a more emotional tone that strikes deeper than some of their previous material has. Gahlert spent a few minutes with DR over Skype, providing some interesting and honest answers to our questions…read on. Dead Rhetoric: Congrats the release of Hybris – has it felt like you’ve been fighting an uphill battle? John Gahlert: Yeah, that describes the last two years pretty well. We lost … Continue reading Deadlock – On Perseverance